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LOOT.BET Publishes Esports Statistics 2020

CS: GO generated most of the total betting volume on LOOT.BET in 2020, followed by Dota 2 in 2nd place and League of Legends in 3rd.

Main Ranking of Esports Betting Markets

Bookmaker LOOT.BET has recently released its eSports betting statistics for the past year. According to the data, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is once again responsible for the lion’s share of betting volumes for 2020.

CS: GO generated around 53% of the total betting volume on LOOT.BET last year, completely outshining every other form of competitive eSports discipline. The biggest single bet winnings from CS: GO reached as high as €6 540 (around $ 7 896) in 2020.

The difference between the top three games is quite steep, though the games themselves are not surprising. Dota 2 takes second place with a 35% share of the betting volume, while League of Legends comes in third with only 7%.

In an interesting twist, FIFA 21 took fourth place in betting volume last year. The EA flagship did not enjoy much fanfare in the previous years, so it is definitely a surprise seeing it come so close to the established eSports titans. It is possible that the indefinite suspension of real-life soccer may have something to do with its newfound popularity.

Valorant is another interesting development. The game is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter developed by Riot Games – the developer behind League of Legends. Being a relative newcomer – released in June last year – it managed to beat mainstays like Overwatch and Rocket League for the seventh spot in sheer betting volume.

Secondary Statistics and Winners

In terms of average bet size, the games switch positions quite a bit. League of Legends takes the first spot with an average bet of €32.34 ($39.04), narrowly beating out King of Glory’s €30.65 ($37.00). The two games with the highest betting volume – CS: GO and Dota 2 -take 10th and 11th spot respectively. Their average bet size is €21.41 ($25.85) and €20.64 ($24.92), respectively.

The most successful events for the three main winners, at least in terms of sheer bet volume sizes, are:

  • ESL One Road to Rio (CS:GO)
  • Epic League (Dota 2)
  • Legends Pro League Summer (LoL).

In regard to eSports teams in the “big three” games, the statistics classify them on the basis of five parameters: betting volume, average bet size, highest single wager, highest winnings for bettors and profit on every EUR placed. And the winners are:

  • Betting Volume: Na’Vi (CS: GO), Team Nigma (Dota 2) and T1 (LoL)
  • Average bet size: Team Liquid (CS:GO), Just Error (Dota 2) and Victory Five (LoL)
  • Highest wager: Heroic (CS:GO), Team Aster (Dota 2), and DAMWON Gaming (LoL)
  • Winnings for bettors: Sprout (CS:GO), VP.Prodigy (Dota 2), and FlyQuest (LoL)
  • Profit per EUR placed: Gambit (CS:GO), 496 Gaming (Dota 2), and LDLC OL (LoL)

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