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Trainwreck Dropped Bombshell, Claimed He Made $360M Gambling

Twitch streamer Trainwreck made waves in the Twitch communities that are still reeling from the negative impact of gambling streams by stating that he had made $360 million from gambling streams on the platform.

$22 Million per Month

The most popular platform for video game streaming, Twitch, officially announced a ban on unregulated gambling sites, ousting sites like Stake, Rollbit and Duelbits contracted with many streamers, but the bombshell statement made by Trainwreck is about to bring up the subject of gambling streams again.

A popular content creator on the streaming platform himself, Trainwreck claimed while playing a game of Overwatch 2 on a live stream with Pokelawls on October 19 that he made $360 million in the 16 months since he had signed a contract with crypto gambling site Stake to stream gambling content.

His claim sparked confusion among viewers and some of them openly expressed their disbelief that the statement was correct while others wondered whether the quoted sum included the amounts wagered and lost, or money locked on the gambling site as credit.

Trainwreck’s claim does not align with the gambling record of another popular streamer, xQc, who also streamed gambling sessions but for over half a billion in wagers, his winnings as opposed to his losses were just under 11%. xQc admitted last month that streaming gambling was wrong but he would not backtrack on his view on the subject.

Moral Responsibility to Viewers

The debate on the pros and cons of gambling streams among Twitch streamers heated last month after several popular streamers expressed their views that gambling streams are detrimental to viewers and especially minors who are being exposed to gambling.

Pokimane was among the latest to take aim at gambling streamers after a month-long break from social media, placing in her crosshairs Drake and his exorbitant crypto bets on Stake, arguing whether he was aware of where the money Stake gave him to gamble with came from in an attempt to throw light on gambling sponsorships.

Pokimane was soon followed by Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, who was provoked by the news that another prominent streamer on Twitch, Sliker, resorted to scamming his viewers out of money to fuel his gambling addiction, and vented his frustration at the platform, asking for a ban on gambling content.

The decision by Twitch to ban unregulated gambling sites divided streamers, and while some saw the ban as a positive step, others like Trainwreck called it hypocritical to ban casino gaming while keeping poker or sports betting content.

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