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Mizkif Asks Twitch to Ban Gambling Following Sliker Drama

Prominent content creator Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo has blasted Twitch’s gambling streams, asking the Amazon-owned platform to ban such content. His disgruntlement comes amid the controversy surrounding Sliker.

Sliker Borrowed Money to Gamble

Sliker, also known by his channel name, ItsSliker, is a former Team Liquid member who was recently accused of stealing money from his fans and fellow content creators. The streamer would scam people by pretending he is in need, only to fuel his gambling addiction.

The content creator’s fraud fell apart on September 17 when several users reported he “borrowed” money that he never returned. When these allegations went viral, several notable streamers, including Mizkif, also confirmed they have previously provided monetary support to Sliker.

The angry fans and streamers confronted Sliker, who eventually gave up on making excuses and admitted he used the money to cover his gambling debts. In a tearful apology video, he admitted that he was in the wrong. Sliker later revealed that his inexcusable behavior stems from CS:GO skins that set him on the path of gambling.

Sliker never pretended to be a victim and asked others to use his story as a caution not to gamble.

Mizkif Slammed Twitch for Not Doing Anything

Mizkif also addressed the matter and accused Twitch of not taking down gambling content. According to him, keeping such content on the platform would trip more people into gambling and becoming addicts. While Mizkif admitted he isn’t sure Sliker’s gambling stems from Twitch content, he noted that allowing such content to exist would hurt many others.

Twitch, ban fucking gambling for the love of god. I do not know where Sliker started gambling from, but for the love of fucking god could you just ban it already?


Mizkif was frustrated that nothing is being done about gambling on the streaming platform. He claimed to have previously addressed the matter when talking with Twitch representatives but to no avail.

Why did I call Twitch four months ago when they wanted to have a meeting about this and you guys haven’t done shit? Hundreds of people are probably just like Sliker, except they have no platform.


Mizkif isn’t the first to demand the removal of gambling content from Twitch. However, many top-tier streamers have gambling operators as sponsors and shudder to imagine seeing gambling go. Because of this, Twitch has refrained from taking any drastic action as of yet.


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