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Tonali Likely to Be Suspended Following the Match versus Borussia Dortmund

Tonali’s illegal gambling might cause his former team trouble as Newcastle reportedly mull over suing AC Milan

The soccer gambling scandal in Italy continues with Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali reportedly set to receive a suspension from competing. Tonali and other players, including Nicolo Zniolo and Nicolo Fagioli, were found guilty of betting on sports, breaching Article 24 of the Sporting Justice Code.

Reports say that Tonali will be allowed to compete in the upcoming Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund. However, this will likely be his final participation in a competitive game before a suspension kicks in.

Tonali, who wagered on sports illegally, is set to undergo months of addiction therapy. The player will also be included in anti-gambling initiatives. In any case, the athlete is likely to be suspended from competing professionally for multiple months.

The Italian soccer player will likely receive a 10-month suspension.

Newcastle May Sue Milan

The current scandal may also lead to a lawsuit in the world of professional soccer.

According to reports, Newcastle may sue AC Milan, Tonali’s former team. For reference, the midfielder was transferred in July. As a result, Newcastle will now suffer being a player down because of Tonali’s previous transgressions which his former team may have been aware of.

In any case, the soccer club will continue to support Tonali despite the scandal. In an earlier statement, Newcastle pointed out that the athlete was fully compliant with the investigation.

Fagioli’s Doctor Says More Athletes Are Likely Involved

In the meantime, Nicolo Fagioli received a 12-month ban, eventually reduced to only 7 off-field months because of his cooperation with the investigation. Fagioli, who admitted to having gambling problems, started gambling as a pastime but eventually lost control of his habits.

Paolo Jarre, the doctor responsible for Fagioli’s gambling treatment, described the athlete as a polite and subdued man whose condition is not as bad as it could have been. Jarre is convinced that Fagioli will be able to make a full recovery from his addiction and return to competing.

However, the doctor pointed out that there are likely many other players involved in this illegal gambling scheme.


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