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Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo under Investigation in Italy

The new investigation reportedly seeks to determine if Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo were involved in online betting via illegal operators

Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali, two recognizable soccer stars are under investigation, the football federation in Italy, FIGC, confirmed. An announcement from the federation about the new probe against the two players came Thursday. Upon announcing the investigation against Tonali and Zaniolo, the federation confirmed that the duo was sent home from training with the national team at the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano.

Considering the latest announcement, Aston Villa’s Zaniolo and Newcastle United’s Tomali are going to miss the national team’s forthcoming games with England and Malta. The FIGC did not disclose what the investigation of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office involves but local media outlets suggested that the probe is related to illegal betting. Still, the FIGC said that the two professional soccer players were notified about the investigation.

According to the federation, Zaniolo and Tonali would not be able to meet their commitments in the upcoming days, hinting at the games they will miss. Still, the FIGC vowed to protect the two players and allowed them to return home to their clubs.

It is yet to be confirmed what the scope of the possible gambling investigation will involve and whether or not Tonali and Zaniolo breached any regulations. The recent announcement comes as no surprise, considering that there is a growing concern about the integrity of sports amid the exponential expansion of sports betting and gambling sponsorships.

Regardless of the nature of the acts, believing that in this situation the two players are not in the necessary condition to face the commitments scheduled in the next few days, the Federation has decided, also to protect them, to allow them to return to their respective clubs,

reads a statement released by the FIGC

Another Gambling Investigation Launched Earlier This Week

The announced investigation against Zaniolo and Tonali comes after earlier this week, the Turin Prosecutor’s Office launched a probe against Nicolo Fagioli, a rising star and midfielder for Juventus. Ultimately this investigation seeks to determine whether or not the professional soccer player engaged in betting with illegal operators.

Wagering on sports by athletes, coaches or managers is not forbidden with the exception of placing bets on the same sport they participate in. However, using illegal gambling platforms is considered a crime which is why if Fagioli is proven to have placed wagers, he may face a tough penalty. Such breaches are usually punishable by fines. However, considering Fagioli’s profile as a professional soccer player, he may be subject not only to a fine but to temporary suspension. A suspension penalty may put the player off the field for up to 36 months.


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