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Juventus’ Star Nicolo Fagioli in Trouble over Alleged Illegal Betting

The midfielder is reportedly under investigation over alleged wagering via illegal operators, putting his professional career at risk

The popularity of betting on sports is growing not only in the United States but across Europe too. While more sports fans tap into wagering options on their favorite team, the participation of professional athletes in such activities raises concerns. This is precisely the case of Juventus’ rising star and midfielder, Nicolo Fagioli, who is reportedly under investigation. As announced by Italian media outlets, the famous soccer star is under scrutiny over his alleged participation in illegal betting.

Recently, illegal gambling platforms have been a growing concern across Italy. Manuela Pedrotta, a public prosecutor from the Turin Prosecutor’s Office, has been sounding the alarm about illegal betting for a while. In light of the alleged illegal betting, now, the Turin Prosecutor’s Office is trying to determine whether or not Fagioli engaged in illegal wagering.

According to Italian reports, investigators have been looking into illegal betting providers, cross-referencing nicknames and real names registered with such operators. During that process, reportedly, the name of the famous soccer player was matched, resulting in further scrutiny. Giuseppe Chine, a prosecutor for the Italian Football Federation, is currently overseeing the investigation against Fagioli. Details regarding the alleged illegal betting were first received by him back in August.

Tough Sanction May Be Imposed against the Soccer Player

Under the currently established regulation related to gambling, wagering by professional athletes is not prohibited as long as the platform used is legal and the athlete doesn’t place bets on the sport they participate in. The same rule applies to other sports staff, including managers and coaches.

Article 24 of the Code of Sports Justice prohibits: “the subjects of the federal system, the managers, the partners and the members of the companies belonging to the professional sector to place or accept bets, directly or indirectly, also from the subjects authorized to receive them, which have as their object results relating to official matches organized in the within the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA.”

However, wagering on illegal platforms under the current regulations is considered a crime. If the investigation uncovers that Fagioli indeed participated in wagering on illegal platforms, he may be subject to tough sanctions. Usually, such offenses are punished by fines, however, considering Fagioli’s rank of a professional soccer player, he may be subject to suspension from the sport. If the investigation finds Fagioli guilty of such breaches, he may be subject to a suspension of up to three years.


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