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EGBA Praises Legislative Project to Introduce a Licensing Model in Finland

Finland is the only EU member state that is yet to abolish its online gaming monopoly

Finland is considering a possible modernization of its online gambling laws. The European country is currently considering a licensing model like the ones used by most modern gambling markets.

Finland’s intentions were announced by the country’s Ministry of the Interior. The ministry introduced a legislative project that, if advanced, could replace the current monopoly with a licensing system. The move was loudly praised by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), an industry body representing Europe’s top iGaming companies.

Finland’s legislative project would draft proposals needed to make the transition to a licensing system. As a result, it will cover a number of important aspects, such as what activities will be legalized, what the taxes and fees for operators will be and how Finland will prevent gambling harm.

According to the EGBA, the Ministry of the Interior’s project will run through December 31, 2025, and will lead to the introduction of a legislative proposal in spring 2025.

The Move Would Align Finland to Other EU Member States

For reference, Finland is the only member of the European Union that still sports a monopoly regime for online gambling activities. The system’s deficiencies have become apparent in recent years with customers demanding more varied content and migrating to offshore websites.

This tendency has caused the country to lose control of the iGaming market and miss out on potential tax money.

According to the EGBA, the transition to a licensing model would benefit the Finnish market. The association expressed its support for the newly introduced legislative project, saying that it has the potential to increase player protection while boosting tax revenues. At the same time, the move would create a level playing field for operators.

The EGBA’s secretary general, Maarten Haijer, commented on the matter, saying that it is a “welcome step toward meaningful and overdue gambling reform” in the country. He highlighted the multiple boons a licensing model would bring, noting that it would also align Finland with other EU member states.

We look forward to continuing dialogue with the Finnish Government and local stakeholders as the regulatory discussions develop.

Maarten Haijer, secretary general, EGBA

As Finland considers the introduction of a licensing model, Norway continues its efforts to protect its monopoly systems, proceeding with its DNS blocking plans.


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