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Tim Miller Provides Insights into UKGC’s Gambling Review Progress

He emphasized the importance of collaboration and evidence-based changes to ensure a safe, fair, and crime-free gambling environment

Tim Miller, the executive director of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), recently shared valuable information regarding the regulator’s progress on the contentious issues raised in the UK Gambling Review. Addressing an international audience, Miller provided context on the generational review of the UK’s gambling laws and its implications for consumers and stakeholders. 

Some Measures Face Significant Contention

The UK’s gambling sector is the world’s largest licensed online marketplace, generating over £10 billion in yield (excluding lotteries). It offers high channelization and consumer choice, characterized by innovation and intense competition among licensed operators. The ongoing generational review should provide much-needed updates, ensuring regulations remain committed to preventing crime, ensuring fairness, and protecting vulnerable consumers.

Miller delved into the first contentious issue of “financial risk assessments” proposed in the White Paper. He clarified that the UKGC planned to implement frictionless financial risk assessments, primarily through credit reference agencies, without impacting consumer credit scores. Miller added that most checks would be “light-touch,” utilizing public data to assess approximately 20% of accounts.

I would urge anyone who is interested in this consultation to actually read what we’ve published at the start of September and then share your views.

Tim Miller, UKGC Executive Director

According to Miller, misunderstandings around affordability checks were likely due to the complexity of the subject. He agreed with UKGC CEO Andrew Rhodes that the debate around this particular point had been clouded by “deliberate misinformation” aiming to hinder policy implementation. Miller added that there would be no “blanket rules,“ hoping to settle any remaining misconceptions.

Collaboration with Stakeholders Remains a Priority

The UKGC and the DCMS are engaging in consultations with gambling reform stakeholders like operators and suppliers. The industry has taken leadership to create an ombudsman collaborating with the government to swiftly introduce this new role and guarantee the associated consumer benefits. However, Miller noted that the ombudsman’s proposals would still get rejected if they did not meet the required standards.

Miller also touched on the Commission’s focus on improving data collection. This topic has been a recurring theme throughout the Gambling Act review. Miller was confident that improving the evidence base would have significant long-term benefits, providing policymakers with a clearer view of the industry and the areas needing further refinements.

The Gambling Survey of Great Britain will launch early next year and will become the new gold standard, with updated questions for the digital age and predictable, regular data for study.

Tim Miller, UKGC Executive Director

In conclusion, Miller emphasized that the UKGC will prioritize evidence-based changes to effectively regulate gambling, focusing on safety, fairness, and preventing criminal activities. The continuous collaboration and progress in implementing White Paper recommendations require input from all relevant stakeholders impacted by the UK gambling sector, striking a balance between consumer protection and industry sustainability.

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