September 15, 2023 2 min read


UKGC Establishes Industry Forum to Strengthen Operator Engagement

This initiative aims to gain valuable insights from operators and improve the regulatory framework in the United Kingdom

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has unveiled plans to establish an Industry Forum, hoping to foster deeper cooperation and better understand the gambling industry’s perspectives. This newly formed body will consist of representatives from various sectors of the UK’s gambling landscape, working with the UKGC to provide industry-specific insights.

A New Avenue for Collaboration

The Industry Forum’s primary objective will be to create a dedicated platform for industry stakeholders to share their views, experiences, and concerns with the UKGC. By doing so, the Commission aims to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the sector, ultimately enabling more effective communication and improving regulation.

This new initiative will complement the UKGC’s existing stakeholder engagement initiatives and advisory groups. Commission chair Marcus Boyle noted that the Forum would present the perfect opportunity for operator representatives to communicate their views on the rising challenges within the gambling space, improving existing communication channels.

This new forum will give us another way to work with representatives from the industry we regulate.

Marcus Boyle, UKGC chair

The UKGC’s immediate plans for the new body envision gathering industry feedback regarding operators’ account management policies, a vital cornerstone of customer protection. The Commission will also consider improvements to its consultations regarding regulatory changes and industry standards and accept input on its data program.

The UKGC Values Transparency and Accurate Feedback

The Industry Forum’s leadership will include a dedicated Chair appointed by the UKGC serving a three-year term. Additionally, the Commission will select approximately ten members representing various gambling industry sectors. These individuals should possess profound knowledge of the sector’s dynamics, challenges, and opportunities, aiding future discourse.

According to the UKGC, the selection process for Forum members will be as transparent as possible, publishing regular updates on its official website as recruitment kicks off in September. The UK regulator noted that this initiative would offer a more general perspective without disrupting existing programs like the Lived Experience Advisory Panel or the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling.

By actively seeking the perspectives of industry experts and operators, the UKGC aims to create a more informed and balanced regulatory environment that can effectively address the evolving challenges and opportunities presented by the gambling sector in the United Kingdom. Establishing an Industry Forum signifies a significant step forward in regulatory cooperation and transparency within the gambling industry.

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