November 14, 2020 3 min read


theScore Rolls Out a Dedicated Bet Section Feature for Its App

theScore introduced a new dedicated betting feature available on the company’s media app. The new feature, Bet Section provides sports betting fans with key options and takes the betting experience to a new level.

theScore Reveals a New Dedicated Betting Feature for Its App

Earlier this week, the Canadian digital media company theScore revealed its newest integrated and personalized suite of betting features Bet Section. Using the company’s innovative cross-platform media, the new Bet Section feature available within theScore’s media app takes the betting experience to the next level.

The new feature by theScore enables users to access a suite of highly personalized betting features including prioritized and tailored markets, live bet tracking as well as exclusive promotions. By using the new feature, sports fans can easily create bet slips, track their action and even receive cash-out offers, all within theScore’s platform.

We launched theScore Bet on the premise that betting should be a natural extension of how fans consume sports, not an isolated transactional experience.

John Levy, Founder and CEO, theScore

According to theScore Founder and CEO, John Levy, with the launch of Bet Section the company is fulfilling a mission by creating an “unparalleled cross-platform experience”. This innovative feature streamlines the betting process and enables personalization which users can enjoy. Furthermore, Levy outlined that the new feature provides a seamless and cutting-edge approach while fusing media with gaming.

Bet Section Offers Multiple Key Features

Currently, the sports media app by theScore is available for both iOS and Android. The app is among the most popular multi-sport news and data apps in North America. Moreover, theScore Bet which is theScore’s mobile sportsbook provides immersive and holistic mobile sports offering. With that in mind, the new Bet Section feature offers a set of key options:

  • Personalized Markets
  • Bet Tracking
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Community Polling

With the help of the option of the personalized market, Bet Section reveals the most relevant markets available on theScore Bet for each user. All of those available selections are based on each sports fans’ favorite teams and leagues on theScore’s app. As a result, sports fans can easily discover the bets which are most likely to be relevant to them.

Bet Section also brings bet tracking, which allows the automatic tracking of a bet placed on theScore Bet. In other words, fans can follow their wagers live within theScore’s mobile app. Furthermore, sports fans can also see real-time cash out offers.

Sports fans that use theScore Bet’s new feature will also receive exclusive and personalized promotions. Besides exclusive promotions, the new Bet Section also features community polling. Users of theScore app will be able to see how picks are polling, cast a vote, and use the results to build a bet slip.


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