July 26, 2022 3 min read


TheScore Gets Its Own In-House Sports Betting Systems and Platforms

US-based Penn National Gaming has made a major announcement on behalf of its Canada-based subsidiary Score Digital Sports Ventures, which runs the sports betting and media app theScore, reporting that the Canadian company has launched its own internal risk and trading platform.

In-house Technology Promotes New Product Offerings

The newly launched risk and trading platform are bringing theScore further on its path to independence. The company has been working for a while to bring all of its sports betting technology inside the company. TheScore’s engineers and product managers have labored intensively and have designed and produced new systems for the company, which now is the proud owner of its very own custom-made system for managing player accounts, an internal system for running promotions, and the newly announced in-house risk and trading platform.

TheScore CEO John Levy has embraced the new technological achievement and has highlighted its importance for the company:

Operating on a system where all components are custom built to work together maximizes our speed and efficiency and supercharges our ability to seamlessly roll out new features, wagering options and innovations.

TheScore CEO John Levy

Having its own risk and trading platform has helped theScore to offer a wider range of products on the Ontario market. That includes more options for betting in-game, a wider range of event offerings, and a higher number of markets. The fact that the company’s technology is now vertically integrated, gives a greater opportunity for customization and offering of individualized products. It also brings new features, allowing better media and sports betting integration. All these capabilities assist theScore in offering better customer experience and customer service.

Penn National Gaming’s Market Focus

Penn National Gaming acquired theScore in 2021. At the beginning of July, theScore discontinued all of its activities in the US market and shifted its focus only to the Canadian market, where it started off as one of the first sports betting operators to receive a license after Ontario launched its online sports wagering market in April 2022. TheScore’s sole focus on Canada was due to the company’s stronger positions there but was also prompted by Penn National Gaming, which wanted to promote its Barstool Sportsbook on the US market.

Penn National Gaming CEO Jay Snowden sees theScore’s shift to a fully in-house and all-around sports betting technology as a major milestone not only for theScore but for Penn National Gaming as well. He has noted:

This vertically integrated platform will increase our ability to engage and retain customers, drive more flexible pricing, provide valuable savings on third party platform costs, and allow us to deliver the most personalized product experience in the market.

Penn National Gaming CEO Jay Snowden

Penn National Gaming plans to use the custom-made systems and platform for Barstool Sports as well. The company intends to migrate all of Barstool Sports’ sports betting activities to the newly designed technology sometime in the third quarter of 2023.


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