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Ontario Gets theScore Bet Responsible Gambling Campaign

As the Ontario gambling and betting market is set to thrive, many companies are trying to do the right thing starting early. theScore Bet is one of them and the company has launched its dedicated responsible gambling program for the province. Called Bet Mode Responsibly, this initiative will seek to educate gamblers on the dangers of excessive gambling and how not to push their hobby a tad too far.

Educating Players on Dangers of Problem Gambling

The campaign is introducing the Smarter Betting Hotline which is there to assist gamblers to stay on the straight and narrow and treat gambling as a hobby. The campaign launched by theScore Bet features comedian Susie Essman and Rex Lee, the actor. Another prominent figure is Gerry Dee who will be educating the general public on how to stay safe and offer betting tips that help players appreciate the hobby without taking it to extreme lengths.

The hotline is there to help audiences educate themselves about the benefits of spending limits, removing stress from their gambling, and other important aspects of the experience. According to theScore SVP of marketing and content, Aubrey Levy, delivering such messages is important for the sustainability of the industry, and player protection. Levy added:

Responsible gaming and player education is embedded into our entire operation and it was important to us to roll out a dedicated RG campaign in connection with our Ontario launch.

theScore SVP of marketing and content, Aubrey Levy

The program will seek to aid problem gamblers, but one of its key tenets will be prevention. In other words, a fair deal of the efforts that are introduced with this campaign will focus on ensuring that people in Ontario are educated about the dangers of excessive gambling first-hand. Responsible gambling messages will be communicated to the general audience to get ahead of a potential issue.

Education as Much as Priority as Player Help

Meanwhile, the Responsible Gambling Council and the National Council on Problem Gambling are firmly behind the campaign. TheScore Bet has consulted both to make sure that it properly understands the issues that need addressing and addresses them in real-time.

Responsible Gambling Council CEO Shelly White welcomed the company’s commitment to driving home responsible gambling messages and making sure that players are educated about the dangers of problem gambling but also equipped with the tools to overcome the issue. Safe play strategies are part of the messages that theScore Bet shares with local gamblers in Ontario.


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