July 30, 2021 3 min read

Toronto Sports Facilities Could See Sportsbooks through theScore Bet

Sports betting in Canada will soon have additional options included, thanks to the approval of legislation to allow single-event wagers. As operators begin to prepare for a new era and more coverage, a number of deals are being worked out to gain better market position. The latest comes via Score Media and Gaming, which could ultimately lead to the company seeing branded sportsbooks at a number of sports arenas in Toronto and, possibly, across all of North America.

theScore Partners with Canlan Sports

Score Media and Gaming has started to see a lot of success with its theScore Bet mobile sports betting app, but could soon see a lot more. The company announced yesterday that, ahead of Canada’s launch of expanded sports betting later this year, it has signed a one-year partnership with Canlan Sports. The latter operates a number of sports facilities across Canada and in the US, and the new agreement gives theScore access to Canlan’s six sports arenas in Toronto.

Through the partnership, the value of which hasn’t been disclosed, theScore Bet will receive title sponsorship and marketing exposure at Canlan’s Toronto properties, as well as title sponsorship of the Adult Safe Hockey League. For its part, Canlan will also receive additional exposure, locking in new branding and promotional initiatives on Score Media’s digital channels. While initially for a one-year trial, both companies are anxious to turn this into a long-term arrangement.

Sports Betting Kiosks Possibly in the Cards

There are no provisions for a definitive launch of sportsbooks via the new partnership; however, that could change. Canlan reportedly doesn’t have any current plans to offer sportsbooks or sports betting kiosks at its facilities, but recognizes that remaining flexible is important. Liana Guiry, Canlan’s VP of sales, marketing and customer experience, explains that there is “so much potential” and that the company will continue to explore its options as it looks to attract more customers to its properties’ food and beverage facilities.

Ontario, of which Toronto is the capital city, is expected to have its expanded sports betting market launched within the next couple of months. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario just released the final draft of its sports betting rules this week and is now receiving feedback from the public. However, operators aren’t waiting for the green light before making their presence known, and several companies have begun aggressive marketing efforts as they vie for position. Score Media is one and had billboards in place less than 24 hours after Canada’s Senate signed off on the legislative changes that led to expanded sports betting in the country. Score Media founder and CEO John Levy asserts, “As a Canadian company, we’re in a fantastic brand position but that doesn’t create any less impetus to be aggressively in the market. We don’t take anything for granted.”  


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