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The Lottery Corporation Calls for Exemption from Credit Card Gambling Ban

The operator cited the low-harm nature of lotteries, hoping to avoid the impending updates to Australia’s gambling harm prevention measures

Australian operator The Lottery Corporation has requested to be omitted from the upcoming gambling reform. Regulatory changes will prevent bettors from using credit cards for gambling, significantly changing the country’s gaming landscape. The company argues that lotteries have a low harm profile, insisting lottery tickets and scratch cards should be exempt from the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill.

Australia Presses On with Its Gambling Reforms

Earlier this year, the Australian Government proposed several updates to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 to prohibit users from using credit cards for gambling transactions. The proposed amendment is part of a broader effort to promote responsible gambling. Notably, The Lottery Corporation’s former parent company, Tabcorp, supports this amendment, agreeing it is vital in combating rising gambling addiction rates.

Recent updates to ID requirements for online gamblers marked the first significant milestone towards a fairer and more responsible gambling industry. The measure aims to mitigate underage gambling and alleviate some cases of gambling harm, protecting consumers from unscrupulous operators. Leading politicians have expressed their determination to push on with reforms and update regulations to navigate rising challenges.

The Australian Commonwealth Government’s push towards more responsible gambling coincides with similar measures across most local jurisdictions. New South Wales (NSW) recently pledged $100 million in funding for initiatives and services to reduce the industry’s harmful effects on communities. Such initiatives remain instrumental in reversing the country’s rising problem gambling rates by enforcing more effective regulations.

A Possible Exemption Could Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Lottery Corporation CEO Sue van der Merwe approached the Senate to request an exemption for lotteries from the upcoming ban on online gambling using credit cards and digital wallets. The company argues that lotteries have a significantly lower harm profile than other forms of gambling, relying more on their social and recreational aspects. 

Sue van der Merwe’s request likely reflects The Lottery Corporation’s fears that stricter regulations may impact the company’s bottom line. However, the measure enjoys broad industry support. Responsible Wagering Australia, representing some of the country’s top operators like Sportsbet and Ladbrokes, also released a statement in favor of the changes. 

We share the Government’s view that wagering customers should only be able to conduct their wagering activity with their own clear funds.

Responsible Wagering Australia statement

The Lottery Corporation’s call for an exemption from the impending credit card gambling ban highlights the ongoing debate about Australia’s gambling regulations. As discussions around responsible gambling continue, the decision of whether to grant this exemption will be closely watched by various industry stakeholders and may significantly impact future policies.

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