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Australia Introduces New ID Requirements for Online Gamblers

The measure would mitigate certain problems such as underage gambling or gambling harm, Responsible Wagering Australia says

Australia’s new ID laws will require bettors to present their ID cards before being able to play online. The new measure replaces the previous system where bettors had a 72-hour window to prove their identity.

Unlike before, gamblers will now be unable to place any bets or make deposits before showing their identity card. 

According to Responsible Wagering Australia, an independent peak body for Australian-licensed wagering service providers, this new measure would mitigate certain problems such as underage gambling or gambling harm.

By asking for ID before allowing consumers to play, companies will effectively prevent efforts to circumvent their social responsibility protocols. As a result, operators will be able to identify underage individuals or self-excluded players, stopping them from placing bets.

According to Kai Cantwell, Responsible Wagering Australia’s chief executive officer, over 90% of his organization’s members already verify customers’ identities. The change, he said, would bring the remaining companies up to standard.

The Measure Would Prevent Fraud

Cantwell also noted that the verification process will help companies advertise their safer gambling tools by prompting them to set a deposit limit when they register. Raising awareness of the player protection tools available to consumers has been considered an important step to achieving a safer gambling market where betting is enjoyed responsibly.

Cantwell added that the new ID verification system will prevent fraud:

This measure is also an important mechanism to mitigate money laundering and terrorism financing risks.

Kai Cantwell, CEO, Responsible Wagering Australia

Cantwell argued that the ID verification regulation should be applied to all gambling services, not just the online ones.

Australia’s Gambling Laws Evolve

Australia’s gambling regulations continue to evolve as the country seeks to reduce problem gambling rates and protect its citizens from harm. Recently, Australia also pushed for age classification for games offering simulated gambling, such as loot boxes. As a result, such games will be forced to block minors from accessing such content starting September 2024. 

In New South Wales, gambling companies are preparing to trial cashless gaming, which, many believe, would help the state reduce problem gambling and gambling fraud rates. It is now up to Liquor & Gaming NSW and its partners to prove that the measure works to skeptics.

The NSW government also recently allocated AUD 100 million to combat gambling harm in the state.


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