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Caesars Palace Standoff Culprit Faces Prison Time, Damage Restitution

Caseras Palace standoff culprit has received a prison sentence of up to 48 months, a total ban at all casinos on The Strip, and an obligation to pay $55,000 in restitution for property damage

On July 11, Caesars Palace was subject to a standoff situation caused by 36-year-old Matthew Mannix. Now, the culprit has received his sentence. 

Up to Two Years Prison Sentence and a Casino Ban on The Vegas Strip

Mannix could spend the following two years in prison, according to the sentence between 19 and 48 months that he received for his role in the incident. The arrestee was completely banned from entering any casino on the Vegas Strip. He will also have to pay restitution of around $55,000 for the damage caused to the hotel room where he barricaded himself together with his girlfriend

Mannix then proceeded to smash the room’s window and throw out different furniture items. The broken glass pieces, a chair and a desk crashed into the rooftops of the building below and landed on a pool deck, causing the fearful guests to scatter. However, no serious injuries were reported at the time.

According to his attorney, Mannix was hallucinating at the time of the violent incident after having spent the past days consuming drugs. Investigators at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department also reported that both Mannix and the woman looked to be “under the influence of narcotics and experiencing drug-induced paranoia” during the standoff.

Threats of Violence

Police reports revealed that Mannix announced he was ready to physically confront police officers at the scene, threatening to shoot the officers and cut out his girlfriend’s tongue. A report from Las Vegas TV station KVVU spoke about Mannix threatening to be under the possession of “a magazine full of rounds” and that he was planning on pulling the trigger.

Later on, it was found that the suspect did not have a firearm on him. His girlfriend handed over a folding knife to the police after Mannix surrendered after a SWAT team broke into the hotel room.

Mannix was taken into custody and he remained in jail in Las Vegas on a bail set at $750,000. Later on, Mannix also came forward about his long addiction to a series of narcotics a few days later. His attorney, David Roger, listed over 10 illegal drugs and a number of prescription medications that Mannix had claimed to have taken in the past.

Mannix Could Have Faced a More Serious Punishment 

In August, Mannix ended his trial over the spectacular standoff by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor negligence charge and severe property damage. This convinced the prosecution to give up the more severe charges of first-degree kidnapping, coercion with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping against the suspect. 

Accordingly, the culprit was facing a prison sentence of between one and five years in Colorado, his home state. Provided Mannix would not have taken the plea deal, he could have served a life sentence in Nevada.

In our August article that followed the latest developments related to the story, we also mentioned the fact that Mannix could have faced a fine of up to $12,000. His transfer to Colorado was announced on September 28

Expressing Remorse and Rehabilitation 

Mannix expressed remorse and regret for what he had done while expressing his clear intentions to overcome his drug addiction problem.

Clark County District Court Judge Crystal Eller decided to reject prosecutor Max Anderson’s request to send Mannix up to five years in prison, arguing that the 19 months to 48 months sentence would instead allow Mannix to complete a substance abuse recovery program in prison. 

It is uncertain whether Mannix would be serving his sentence in Colorado or Nevada. Attorney David Roger said that he was expecting the authorities in Colorado to take custody of his client and resolve the case against him there.

At the moment, Mannix is undergoing treatment with drugs for bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, according to his attorney. Roger also said that Mannix’s family had already paid the restitution amount owed to Caesars Palace for the property damage.

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