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Caesars Palace Standoff Initiator Accepts Plea Deal

Mannix, who was on a trial over the standoff, agreed on a plea deal, resulting in the more severe charges getting dropped by the prosecution

In July, the Caesars Palace property on the Vegas Strip became the site of a standoff situation. A month later, the culprit accepted a plea deal, putting an end to the drama.

Last month, Matthew Mannix, barricaded himself and a woman he was with in a hotel room and proceeded to wreck havoc. Videos of the incident show Mannix throwing furniture out of the window of a room in which he allegedly held the woman hostage for six hours.

According to reports, the culprit even warned that he was prepared to fight back against police officers, although it was later found out that he didn’t possess a gun.

A SWAT team eventually broke into the room, taking the suspect into custody. The woman was later identified as Mannix’s girlfriend.

Authorities later learned that Mannix and his girlfriend were were under the influence of drugs. A few days later Mannix himself admitted that he was addicted to a number of narcotics and has struggled with his addiction for years.

Mannix Pleads Guilty

A month later, Mannix, who was on a trial over the standoff, agreed on a plea deal, resulting in the more severe charges getting dropped by the prosecution. While Mannix will not be charged with kidnapping and coercion, he pleaded guilty to causing severe property damage and a misdemeanor negligence charge.

Mannix now risks a prison sentence of between one and five years in his home state of Colorado. He may also be required to pay fines of up to $12,000. For reference, if Mannix hadn’t accepted the plea deal, he might have had to serve a life sentence in Nevada.

Mannix’s remorse and regret for his actions were mentioned by the defense, which claimed that the man has serious intentions to overcome his severe drug addiction.

The Caesars Palace arrestee is expected to be transferred to Colorado on September 28. Once there, he will face another trial related to a kidnapping case.

In other news, the police in Minnesota recently busted an illegal TikTok gambling scheme whereby people would wager through a proxy in the state. The culprits streamed their experience on TikTok, asking their customers to select a slot to play, the size of the bet and the number of bets.

In Ontario, on the other hand, the police just broke a cheating scheme at Pickering Casino Resort. This led to the arrests of four people who now face fines.


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