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Tabcorp CEO Speaks Out against Ineffective Australian Regulations

Adam Rytenskild hopes future legislative changes will aid Tabcorp’s ongoing legal battle with Ladbrokes over the latter’s online wagering advertising efforts

Adam Rytenskild, managing director and CEO of Tabcorp, issued a stark warning during his Keynote Address at the Regulating the Game conference in Sydney this week. Rytenskild cautioned that ineffective regulatory intervention could see Australia suffer an influx of gaming brands, exploiting consumers without proper oversight. The Tabcorp CEO has been very vocal regarding his stance, using every opportunity to call for reforms.

Recent Developments Threaten Tabcorp’s Retail Monopoly

Rytenskild’s warning comes amidst a legal battle between Tabcorp and rival Ladbrokes over the latter’s launch of Ladbrokes Lounges in selected pubs and clubs across Australia. These lounges, part of a deal signed with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) last October, aim to promote Ladbrokes’ online sportsbook through extensive branding and signage.

Tabcorp, which holds exclusive retail wagering licenses across most of Australia, has initiated legal action to obtain more information about Ladbrokes’ deal with the AHA, arguing that it violates Tabcorp’s retail exclusivity agreements. Rytenskild emphasized the importance of actively enforcing retail exclusivity agreements and investigating attempts by competitors to circumvent these agreements.

He stressed that the deregulation of wagering in pubs and clubs could lead to a compliance nightmare and urged lawmakers to update relevant legislation to address emerging challenges. Rytenskild highlighted concerns about loopholes in legislation allowing larger entities to exploit white-label apps and websites to avoid taxation and regulation under on-course bookmaker licenses.

The Tabcorp CEO Called for Unified Nationwide Regulation

Rytenskild has consistently criticized the current state-based regulation model, which sees Tabcorp licensed in seven states and territories, noting that many corporate bookmakers only need a Northern Territory license. He described the current system as a “patchwork quilt” style of regulation that is no longer effective in providing necessary community safeguards.

The state-based licensing and regulatory regimes were established more than 20 years ago, and they haven’t kept pace with the changing wagering ecosystem.

Adam Rytenskild, Tabcorp managing director and CEO

Proposing the creation of a single national regulator, Rytenskild suggested that such an entity could set out consistent standards for bookmakers, ensuring robust integrity arrangements and consumer protections across the board. However, he stressed that the onus should be on regulators to spearhead reforms rather than relying solely on government intervention.

Although Rytenskild has a vested interest in select gambling reforms across Australia, his remarks underscore the challenges facing the country’s gambling industry and the need for proactive regulatory measures to ensure responsible and sustainable growth. Gambling harm remains a growing issue across many provinces, reinforcing the need for government action to safeguard the industry’s integrity.

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