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SSC Napoli Names StarCasinò Sport Official Infotainment Partner

The new collaboration is expected to deliver unique activations and experiences for fans of the famous soccer club and sports enthusiasts

Betsson Group’s fast-growing sports betting and entertainment platform, StarCasinò Sport, confirmed a new partnership. On Thursday, the brand revealed that it joined forces with SSC Napoli, the famous Italian professional soccer club based in Naples. The new collaboration designated StarCasinò Sport as the new Official Infotainment Partner of the famous soccer club.

The new two-year collaboration builds upon a solid foundation between the duo. Previously, StarCasinò Sport and SSC Napoli collaborated for two years between 2020 and 2022. Following the success of that deal, the duo now plans to deliver thrilling and unique experiences for soccer fans and bettors alike.

The new agreement seeks to help SSC Napoli grow its international presence, reaching new audiences and engaging with new fans. The famous soccer team, which has a rich history, seeks to deliver unique activations for its fans via the new partnership with StarCasinò Sport.

The latest collaboration between the duo is expected to bring various contests, quizzes and tournaments, granting an opportunity for sports fans to win unique memorabilia, including signed jerseys and VIP tickets for different matches. What’s more, the agreement is expected to deliver in-depth interviews and exclusive content with players of the soccer team, bringing unique insights to the fans.

Tommaso Bianchini, SSC Napoli’s chief revenue officer (CRO), explained that delivering thrilling and unique content is expected to boost the team’s international expansion. “Recently, we unveiled our manifesto ‘From Napoli to the World,’ and this partnership aligns seamlessly with our strategic vision,” he said. Finally, Bianchini outlined that fans of the team and the sport can expect unique activations throughout the season together with StarCasinò Sport.

Our journey towards internationalization hinges on producing increasingly engaging content for our fans.

Tommaso Bianchini, CRO at SSC Napoli

The Collaboration Brings Excitement

Last autumn, StarCasinò announced the launch of a tailor-made sportsbook in Italy called StarCasinò Bet. Upon announcing the launch, the brand said that the solution delivers a “full online gaming” experience, featuring news, highlights and other engaging information. Now, judging by the latest agreement, StarCasinò continues to grow its presence in the country.

It is a great honor for us to once again partner with a historic club like SSC Napoli. This iconic team of the Italian top league has been a fantastic collaborator in the past.

Stefano Tino, managing director of StarCasinò

Stefano Tino, StarCasinò Sport’s managing director, explained that the brand is delighted to join forces with SSC Napoli once again. He highlighted the importance of the team in the country, while at the same time underlining the success of their previous collaboration. According to Tino, the new agreement will deliver unique activations for sports fans, while complementing the growth of the company and the team. Finally, he spoke about the shared values of SSC Napoli and StarCasinò that resonate with the fans and community.


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