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FDJ Moves In to Acquire Irish National Lottery Operator PLI

The milestone deal, valued at €350 million, will see FDJ take over the entire capital of PLI, granting them exclusive rights to operate the Irish National Lottery until 2034

French lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) has made a significant move in the international gaming market with its agreement to acquire Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI), the operator of the Irish National Lottery. The acquisition marks a strategic expansion for FDJ into the Irish gaming landscape, solidifying its position as a key player in the global lottery industry.

The Acquisition Will Elevate the Irish Lottery Experience

For FDJ, the acquisition presents an opportunity to leverage its expertise and experience in lottery operations, bringing a fresh approach and innovation to the Irish market. With a reputation as one of Europe’s leading lottery operators, the company is well-equipped to enhance the Irish National Lottery’s offerings and deliver an exceptional gaming experience to its customers.

Current Irish Lottery operator PLI recorded a GGR of €399 million in 2022, donating nearly €260 million to over 4,000 deserving causes. The new owner’s extensive experience will be instrumental in maintaining the organization’s community-focused approach and ensuring enduring relevance. FDJ chair and CEO Stéphane Pallez noted that the two companies shared a common vision, significantly aiding future integration.

FDJ… remains faithful to its recreational, responsible, and redistributive gaming model. We look forward to working together.

Stéphane Pallez, FDJ chair and CEO

The acquisition agreement will see FDJ acquire all of PLI’s assets, taking over its license to operate the Irish National Lottery until 2034. The French company has a history of success, posting impressive FY22 Results and demonstrating its capability to create balanced value in the medium term while remaining socially responsible. PLI’s acquisition should complete in H2 2023 after regulatory approval.

FDJ Acquires a Well-Established and Successful Business

The Irish National Lottery, established in 1987, has been a prominent fixture in the country’s gaming market, offering a diverse range of games and contributing to charitable causes through its funding allocation. PLI secured its 20-year operational license in 2014, rapidly modernizing the lottery to stay in touch with technological developments.

PLI has over 200 employees across 5,300 retail points and operates roughly 45 draw and instant win games. The operator’s success recently drew the attention of the Czech operator, but FDJ acted swiftly and secured the deal. Integrating such an expansive business will present short-term challenges for the French company but promises significant long-term returns.

With FDJ’s enduring commitment to innovation and responsible gaming practices, the Irish National Lottery is poised for continued growth and success, maintaining its contributions to the welfare of communities and players. The gaming industry will watch with anticipation to witness the positive impact of this strategic partnership, which promises to elevate the Irish Lottery’s offerings and solidify FDJ’s global leadership position.

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