January 31, 2022 3 min read


Spotlight Sports Group to Power Star Sports with Racing Post Content

Spotlight Sports Group, a global leader in tech, media, and content, has signed a strategic agreement with the luxury bookmaker Star Sports. The deal will see the former company boost Star Sports’ offerings with a myriad of daily informative print products. 

Spotlight Will Enhance Star Sports’ Offerings 

Thanks to the deal, Star Sports will be able to implement the Racing Post insights, racecards, and editorial soccer content and provide users with the latest betting news, developments, and analysis. This beneficial addition will boost Star Sports’ 18 retail shops in the United Kingdom and will help the operator engage and retain its customers. 

The agreement will bring high value to Star Sports and help promote its offerings as Spotlight Sports Group is a critically-acclaimed leader in its respective field. The provider boasts over 25 years of experience in the field and is known for its quality racing and sports betting products.  

Star Sports is Delighted to Work With Such an Esteemed Provider

The two companies spoke on the new deal, sharing their excitement to work together.  Matt Davies, the head of retail for Star Sports, praised Spotlight Sports Group and the Racing Post for their renowned offerings. As someone who is well-familiar with their history in the retail industry, Davies said that they are a standard for premium engaging content. Because of this, he is thrilled by the opportunity to add their state-of-the-art content suite to Star Sports’ shops. 

Davies added that Star Sports is a company that always seeks to improve the experience of its customers and is excited to deliver Spotlight Sports Group’s content to them. Davies concluded that this is the logical next step in Star Sports’ history. 

Alan Pepperell, the retail director of Spotlight Sports Group, also spoke on the deal, revealing that he is looking forward to working with Star Sports and helping them take client engagement to the next level.  

 “Spotlight Sports Group is the trusted authority in the retail space, trusted by betting shop customers, and has been proven over the past 25 years to drive engagement. We’re delighted to work with Star Sports and expand our offering across their retail suite.”

Spotlight Sports Group retail director Alan Pepperell

Pepperell explained that despite being hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail betting industry is quickly recovering. To maintain this tendency, Spotlight is constantly seeking to innovate and, in Pepperell’s words, provide the best customer experience possible. 

A few weeks ago, Spotlight partnered with the British media company FuturePLC Group, offering it its suite of content-driven published solutions.


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