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Denise Coates on the Top of Sunday Times Tax List Once Again

Denise Coates, the founder of the British iGaming company Bet365, has risen to the top of the Sunday Times Tax List for the third year in a row. Alongside her father Peter and her brother John, Coates’ tax results are almost double that of the second entry on the list.

The Coates Family Dominates the Tax List

The billionaire family’s taxes on the list are comprised of the corporation tax for Bet365, employer’s national insurance and gambling duties, and Denise Coates’ personal income tax, resulting in a grand total of $642 million. This not only cements the Coates family at the top spot of the Sunday Times Tax List for the third year in a row, but it also places them $240 million ahead of the next name on the list.

In 2020, Denise herself had earned a personal salary of about $565 million. Her strong leadership has helped establish Bet365 as one of the leaders in iGaming and sports betting in the United Kingdom.

The total wealth of the Coates family is estimated to have a total wealth of around $11.3 billion and is occupying the 17th spot on the Sunday Times Rich List. Despite taking the top spot on the tax list, the family’s wealth is surpassed by the Weston family that occupies the fourth spot on the tax list.

A Strong Year for the United Kingdom

The ones taking second and third place respectively are Chris Rokos with $402 million and Stephen Rubin and his family with $343 million. Next up are the Weston family with $235 million, Fred and Peter Done with $228 million, Lord Sugar with $219, Peter Harris and family with $189 million, Sir Chris Hohn with $169 million, Leonie Schroder and family with $162 million and Alex Gerko with $157 million.

According to Sunday Times, the last year saw a noticeable increase in the number of people paying more than $134 million (£100 million) in taxes. In total, the top 10 taxpayers paid a whopping $2.7 billion to public finances – a $680 million year-on-year increase.

This is good news for the British economy as the country is still struggling with some of the issues caused by the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

As for Bet365, the company remains one of the most esteemed betting brands in its native region. In 2021, the operator stood out as the top donator to the problem gambling awareness charity GambleAware. Heading into 2022, the company just renewed its partnership with the sports data and technology company Genius Sport and is preparing for another strong year. 


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