January 18, 2022 3 min read


Genius Sports and Bet365 Expand Their Pre-Existing Deal

The sports data and technology company Genius Sports has agreed to expand its pre-existing partnership with the British online gambling company bet365.

Genius Sports to Provide More Data to Bet365

The expanded deal will see Genius Sports power bet365 with an expanded streaming solution that will provide diverse new content. Furthermore, the provider will also elevate bet365’s offerings by providing the operator with more of its critically-acclaimed data. The goal is to improve bet365’s customer retention by offering quality new ways to engage with the platform.

Genius Sports will boost the streaming content on bet365’s platform by implementing its state-of-the-art data solutions that cover thousands of events. Thanks to that, fans of numerous sports will be able to gain further insights into their favorite leagues and make strategic and informed decisions.

Genius Sports’ portfolio covers some of the most in-demand sports event data and covers popular leagues such as the National Football League and Britain’s Premier League. Fans of the former can receive some of the best real-time statistics thanks to Genius Sports’ Next Gen Stats solution. Premier League fans, on the other hand, can enjoy what is considered to be the most accurate data on the betting market.  Genius Sports will also boost bet365’s marketing campaigns through its proprietary data solutions.

Mark Locke is Excited to Expand the Deal

Bet365 is one of the first betting operators that have ever added Genius Sports’ live streaming solutions to its platform. Because of its recent successes, the operator has decided to go a step further and provide more low latency streaming content to fans of some of the most renowned sports events in the world.

Mark Locke, the chief executive officer of Genius Sports, has spoken about the expansion of the deal. For him, being able to take this partnership a step forward is a significant moment that affirms the quality of Genius Sports’ high-quality data and video content. Locke elaborated:

“This agreement is particularly significant for our live streaming service which combines premium content from competitions with thousands of other low latency broadcasts from sports right around the world.”

Genius Sports CEO Mark Locke

Genius Sports is a sports data and technology company that provides data management, video streaming, and integrity services to sports leagues, bookmakers, and media companies that continue its expansion in the industry. In December, the firm signed a data and technology partnership with the Canadian Football League, which expanded its global footprint. However, the company has met some setbacks as its march forward has amounted to some “sky-high expenses” that slowed down its revenue growth.


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