January 5, 2022 3 min read


Spotlight Sports Rolls Out Publisher Solutions to Future PLC

Spotlight Sports Group (SSG) and Future PLC Group have recently announced a new collaboration. According to the terms of the freshly signed deal, Spotlight Sports will provide Future PLC with dedicated sports wagering content.

The content will be part of Spotlight Sport’s recently released Publisher Solutions. It will allow Future PLC to set up conversions that will generate maximum revenue while servicing their sports betting audience with state-of-the-art sports betting solutions. Future PLC will grow through solid platform engagement with the use of dynamic wagering modules that are easy to integrate.

The modules will be powered by top Artificial Intelligence technology. Last spring, Spotlight Sports also announced the launch of Superfeed, a content engine designed to supply sports insights from impartial betting experts.

Odds-Driven Smart Modules for Customizable Content

Future PLC will initiate the deployment of flexible smart modules driven by odds and content across the FourFourTwo brand. FourFourTwo is the biggest football magazine on the planet. It is published in several global markets and its digital portfolio includes a website, an iPhone, and an iPad magazine app.

The smart modules will be included in the web and native platforms belonging to FourFourTwo, supplying contextual and natively-designed betting experiences on sports. At the same time, the modules will allow FourFourTwo to create fresh sports betting value using their own sports content output.

While also integrating bet365’s live odds, the modules will rely on industry insights and crucial sports betting statistics. Combined, the mix of information will enable the use of a multitude of calls to action, all contributing to the maximization of the conversion rates. All affiliate operations will be entirely managed by Spotlight Sports, according to the new deal. The group will offer fully customizable and unique betting experiences, with coverage on 20+ major sports leagues.

Optimism and Eagerness on Both Sides

Spotlight Sports’ B2B director Will Flyer has expressed the group’s delight and eagerness to begin delivering their top-tier monetization and conversion solutions to the Future PLC Group. Their three decades of experience in turning sports aficionados into bettors has helped them understand why excellent content is critical for retaining and activating users.

SSG has also accumulated over two years of expertise growing their sports betting content and designing it in such a way as to engage users speaking over 70 languages, spreading over 20 different sports. Their bespoke solutions can be fully customized in order to match the exact needs of every client for an unparalleled customer experience.

Future PLC’s B2B eCommerce director Simon White said they are expecting their audience to enjoy the added insight on sports betting that SSG will bring to the table. At the same time, White expressed the group’s curiosity in seeing how the audience will receive the increased betting content across standard football media.

Best case scenario, the transition will be seamless for most football fans who already read and bet on the sport. Future PLC is also eager to kick-start the enhanced monetizing experience through Spotlight Sport’s smart modules with proven efficiency.

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