Spilnu.dk Chairman Jesper Karrbrink: Regulation Creates Sustainability

Jesper Karrbrink is Chairman of respected Danish iGaming brands CEGO and Spillnu.dk. CEGO is a supplier of iGaming solutions that began driving forays in the industry as early as 2000, embracing classic gameplay elements as well as innovation.

Since 2012, CEGO has been operating its own online casino in Denmark, Spilnu.dk, that provides local consumers with a rich portfolio of over 60 dedicated and unique iGaming titles.

At a time of great change for the European iGaming sector, we feel Jesper is the right person to talk to about how Denmark has become the safest market for consumers while still developing and posting stronger annual results.

With this in mind, we take a stab at our first question to you Jesper.  

Q: Can you tell us a little more about Spilnu.dk and CEGO. Is your company fully and only focused on the Danish marketplace or do you see yourself expanding across the continent and beyond?

Spillnu.dk is what you would call a success. The timing for starting the brand was perfect and the strategy; trusting in unique and inhouse developed content together with smart marketing did also play a big role in this success. The idea now is to roll out this concept to more markets, starting with Sweden.

Q: Back in 2018, the European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA) published a study that claimed that Denmark was the only market to take full good care of consumers in Europe? How does a country get there?

I think the answer lies in the Danish Gaming Board’s long-term view on canalization. They have managed to find a balance where the regulated operators can offer the Danish players a good gambling product and at the same time a high-level of security and responsibility.  Playing casino in Denmark feels safe and is still fun.

Q: Do you reckon tighter regulatory measures have led to better business sustainability and longevity? Is Denmark still indeed developing its iGaming potential?

I think the keyword for successful regulations is predictability where all stakeholders know what to expect and can plan accordingly and this creates sustainability. I think this is what has made Denmark such a successful gaming market. Potential: Denmark is a rather small and, these days, a mature market so it’s perhaps not a market to enter 2021 but it is definitely a good market to be in, especially with CEGO’s position.

Q: You probably are aware of other European states taking firmer action in their domestic markets. Do you reckon the Danish model is a good opportunity for other jurisdictions and industry players to learn from?

Indeed, and I hope politicians manage to keep it this way and securing one of the highest levels of canalization in Europe.

Q: What does the future hold for Spilnu.dk and CEGO in 2021? What’s on your immediate plate?

International roll out, game development and further investments in responsible gaming.

Q: Is there any particular aspect of the iGaming experience today that you think needs urgent change?

Yes, we need to go more towards entertainment. We see how the new players coming in during Covid are expecting a slightly different experience, tilted more towards entertainment and social gaming. And this is something good for the industry but also for CEGO who always has been more of a “soft” casino.

Q: CEGO also runs a casual gaming portal, Komogvind.dk. Do you reckon the social iGaming experience without the incentive of monetary reward could thrive?

This market is huge and what intrigues me is to find the cross path between those markets and this is something CEGO is looking closely at, but that’s probably more a question for 2022.

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