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SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot Is Close to €500,000

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator has announced the Prime Network Jackpot was getting close to the €500,000 ($542,600) milestone

The multi-purpose jackpot solution that introduces the Jackpot as a Service (JaaS) business model, SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, has announced that the Prime Network Jackpot was getting close to the €500,000 ($542,600) mark.

Building on the Success of the Previous Campaign 

Following the success of its first network campaign, the Jackpot Aggregator went ahead and announced the launch of its second round

The second round had an original fund of €300,000 ($325,000) but the progressive jackpot pool quickly rose to €490,000 ($531,700) and it is currently continuing its growth.

Operators deem the Prime Network Jackpot appealing because it enables rewards to be distributed from a shared prize pool instead of being exclusively tied to just one brand. 

Plus, the mechanic provides a much higher amount compared to standard branded jackpots, which is an excellent point of attraction for players. 

Participating casinos are given an extra chance to retain more players and expand their player base.

Clients of the Jackpot Aggregator receive access to a custom virtual jackpot system. The jackpot engine can be easily included in any iGaming project such as a a game supplier, an online casino, or a game aggregator.

“Unforgettable Prize Strike” Anticipated for the Summer 

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator’s head, Aliaksei Douhin, commented on their first campaign launched in October 2023 that ended with a prize of €244,742.34 ($265,921) claimed on February 7 while highlighting the second round was “poised to award a substantially larger amount.”

“This summer,” added Douhin, “we anticipate an unforgettable prize strike.” The head of the Jackpot Aggregator also took the opportunity to express their eagerness to find out “who the lucky winner will be.”

Douhimn stated their goal was to extend their online campaigns’ abilities to offer “a more thrilling experience” to players along with the chance to scoop up “life-changing wins.”

Compared to other jackpots, SOFTSWISS’ reward is paid fully and swiftly, as opposed to jackpots paid in installments. 

Celebrating 15 Years of Activity 

To honor its 15th anniversary, newly registered players of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, Game Aggregator, and Managed Services Sportsbook Platform will be given the exclusive opportunity to explore all available Jackpot Aggregator options as bonuses. 

The said bonuses will be made available either at discounted rates or free of charge.

Elsewhere, clients of the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator can easily and quickly set up and launch branded jackpot campaigns or join the network jackpot to boost player engagement and increase the winning potential. 

SOFTSWISS’ portfolio also includes the Jackpot Aggregator, Crypto Casino Solution, Affilka by SOFTSWISS, which is an Affiliate Marketing Platform, and more.

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