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SOFTSWISS: 93% Of Clients Are Satisfied with Game Aggregator

The company released the results of a new study, revealing that 53% of its clients gave it highly positive feedback, an uptick from the previously recorded 37%

The leading provider of software and solutions for the online gambling industry, SOFTSWISS, released details regarding a new study that probed the satisfaction of its clients with Game Aggregator, its flagship product. Judging by a statement released by the company, the new research was conducted by the world-renowned data analysis and consulting agency, Kantar.

The new study uncovered what are the most important characteristics for companies that seek a business partner within the iGaming sector. Additionally, Kantar probed the importance of emotional characteristics when selecting a supplier. Then, the research measured the satisfaction of SOFTSWISS’ customers with its leading product, Game Aggregator. The results of this year’s study were also compared to the figures from a 2022 study, showing an increase in customer satisfaction.

The latest study found that the top three functional characteristics for companies that look for a business partner within the iGaming industry include: fair pricing, a wide range of games and providers, as well as seamless technical integration and support. Highlighting the emotional characteristics when selecting a supplier, the research uncovered that the top three include: long-term and reliable partner, top level of service and quick and seamless communication with account managers.

Only recently, SOFTSWISS released its first half of 2023 report for cryptocurrency. The company revealed that cryptocurrencies are highly likely to remain a part of the gambling sector, especially considering that the report saw an uptick of 83.6% of crypto bets for H1 2023 when compared to H2 2022.

A Majority of the Company’s Clients Are Satisfied with Its Products

The recent research uncovered that 93% of SOFTSWISS’ current clients are happy with its Game Aggregator. Notably, the study revealed that 53% of the respondents gave the company highly positive feedback with a rating between 9 and 10 points.

A comparison to the result from a 2022 study showed a significant increase in highly positive feedback from clients. This is because, in the previous study, only 37% of the respondents gave highly positive feedback.

Additionally, the new research revealed that the most important functional characteristic of Game Aggregator is the high speed of response when unscheduled maintenance requests are submitted along with stable access to a portfolio of games.

We are happy to receive such positive recognition, witnessing the increasing satisfaction and noting the areas for further growth. This difference in the share of completely satisfied clients in 2022 and 2023 proves that we know how to handle feedback well.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, head Game Aggregator at SOFTSWISS

Tatyana Kaminskaya, SOFTSWISS’ head Game Aggregator, revealed that the company is excited to see such positive results, showing an uptick in customer satisfaction. She explained that the significant increase in highly positive feedback reaffirms the company’s capability to act based on feedback. Finally, Kaminskaya said that SOFTSWISS analyzed the results from the previous study and worked hard to deliver excellent services to its growing customer base.


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