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Groove’s Product Manager Unveils a Revolutionary Recommender Tool

The new tool is a game-changer that will help Groove remain ahead of the curve

Groove Technologies announced that its new product manager, Shay Kababia, has created a new Recommender tool that has the potential to revolutionize the online casino experience. Kababia has been working on this project for over a year, leveraging the company’s experienced developer team.

The new tool was described as a user-centric data-driven recommendation system that can provide casino players with content tailored to their needs. The system allows companies to level up their personalization capabilities and engage their audiences with content that is specifically selected for them.

The new system provides gambling operators with a four-tiered display that recommends content based on players’ gaming behavior. The tool allows players to discover many new games that might interest them, greatly improving operators’ profitability.

As mentioned, Kababia’s new Recommender system recommends games based on players’ preferences. In addition to suggestions, the system also recommends titles that players are likely to enjoy because of similar mechanics or themes. Furthermore, the new system also keeps gamblers updated on the latest games on the market and keeps them informed about upcoming releases.

The new system allows players to explore a rich selection of content from a variety of suppliers, including GrooveStudio.

Groove Seeks to Remain Ahead of the Curve

According to Groove, the new Recommender tool embodies the company’s “forward-thinking ethos” and follows the company’s recent transformative rebrand. Groove’s core solutions are currently backed by an experienced team of industry professionals such as Kababia.

Speaking of Kababia, the product manager commented on the new tool, saying that it is the result of his team’s hard work.

This cutting-edge tool ensures operators managing multiple brands have a distinct lobby tailored to pivotal metrics. Our team’s unyielding efforts have positioned Groove at the forefront with this launch. Its influence is palpable among our operator circle.

Shay Kababia, product manager, Groove Technologies

Groove’s chief operating officer, Yahale Meltzer, also shared his thoughts on the release, praising Kababia and his unit for their contributions to the company and its operator partners. The Recommender tool is another product that will help Groove redefine the industry, Meltzer added.

Our state-of-the-art “Recommender” tool is setting new benchmarks, redefining how operators and casino brands engage with their audiences.

Yahale Meltzer, COO, Groove Technologies

In the meantime, Groove continues to create new links with gaming companies, developers and tech and AI specialists. In May, the company teamed up with Spribe, the name behind the biggest crash game in the world, Aviator.


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