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SOFTSWISS: AI Tools Bring Benefits for the iGaming Sector

The company released a new report, highlighting the efficiencies and benefits of using artificial intelligence technology

The cutting-edge provider of software for the online gambling sector, SOFTSWISS, highlighted the importance and benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. On Wednesday, the company released a new report, outlining the capabilities of AI tools when it comes to content design and personalization, as well as player management and analysis of real-time data.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Tools

SOFTSWISS’ Research and Development (R&D) team developed a unique tool that leverages machine learning to help uncover suspicious cases. Once flagged, such cases are then rerouted to a team of experts within the company’s Anti-Fraud team. Leveraging machine learning and AI, the company’s Anti-Fraud team was able to save operators more than €16 million ($17.8 million) in 2022 alone. The innovative AI technology helped with the analysis of nearly 62,000 requests, a task that represents a significant challenge if done by hand.

SOFTSWISS revealed that AI tools can also bring benefits when it comes to efficiencies related to player management. The R&D department of the company developed a service that analyses player behavior and improves the gaming experience called DOSSIER. Leveraging DOSSIER, SOFTWISS said, enables operators to make custom offers that are presented in a timely manner for certain clients. At the same time, the service helps identify high potential lifetime value (LTV) clients, allowing operators to approach such players with special offers or assign them to individual managers.

The AI technology brings similar benefits for SOFTSWISS Sportsbook which delivers personalized content for clients after collecting real-time data. This enables customers to gain access to relevant comments and related suggestions, which in turn, elevates the player experience.

Another important application related to AI involves design. According to SOFTSWISS, its WebStudio leverages AI technology for specific projects, resulting in the generation of a unique and diverse range of content and concepts. The company said that AI-generated content can help its talented animators and illustrators.

AI Tools Deliver Efficiencies

Vitali Matsukevich, SOFTSWISS’ COO, explained that although AI can be effective in analyzing large amounts of data, it is imperative that an expert takes the final decision. “While AI offers speed and efficiency, relying solely on AI for business decisions may not be advisable,” he said.

Matsukevich highlighted the importance of player LTV and how such solutions can elevate the customer experience while at the same time helping operators enjoy an increase in engagement and performance. He highlighted the significant potential of AI technology for processing big volumes of data which brings efficiencies. However, Matsukevich said that reliance on AI within decision-making may bring unforeseen consequences and result in financial losses. Finally, he said that the path to success lies in finding the right balance between human-related oversight and using AI capabilities.


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