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Sliker Shares Insights about Crippling Gambling Addiction

The famous streamer was interviewed recently and uncovered details regarding his gambling addiction that resulted in scamming viewers

More than a year has passed since the scandal that involved the famous streamer, Sliker. Accusations against the popular internet personality included scamming fans and fellow streamers out of thousands of dollars. Media reports claimed that Sliker scammed a sum north of $300,000 from his victims.

Amid the scandal, Twitch recently made changes to its policies related to the streaming of gambling content. Sliker himself was banned from Twitch this summer, an announcement that didn’t come as a surprise considering the accusations against him.

Now, more than a year after the scamming scandal is out, Sliker participated recently in an interview with BeckaTV, uncovering worrying details regarding his gambling addiction and the toll the activity had on his life and mental health. During a recent interview, Sliker, who started streaming on Twitch’s rival platform, Kick, admitted that he was a gambling addict.

His addiction was powerful which is a prime reason why he scammed many people. “I scammed a lot of people to fuel my addiction, because I would gamble a lot of money every day,” said Sliker during the recent interview. Moreover, he admitted that he resorted to scamming others because he didn’t have any money. “I’d even ask (for money) xQc, Mizkif, anyone,” said Sliker, admitting that he would ask not only fellow streamers for money but viewers, friends and even family members.

The Gambling Addiction Impacted the Internet Personality’s Life

Sharing details regarding his constant gambling activities, the famous streamer said that he gambled non-stop, every day, regardless of where he was and what he was doing in the meantime. Sliker admitted to gambling while being in the hospital, showering and even when going to funerals. He recalled a story about gambling while traveling with an airplane that had an internet connection.

Speaking about his addiction to gambling, Sliker said that he wasn’t able to control it at all. “I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t,” he said, admitting that this dark path also led to thoughts about suicide and self-harm. The streamer’s actions impacted his family as well, considering he admitted to lying to them to receive money for gambling. “He lost all his trust (in me),” explained Sliker when speaking about his father.

Despite the difficulties he faced, the streamer revealed that he remains dedicated to repaying the people he scammed. Fellow streamers like Ludwig and xQc proposed to Sliker to help him settle the amassed debt from scamming people. He said that while most of that debt is already settled, he still owes some people money and plans to repay them. Amid thoughts about taking his own life, Sliker realized that he needed to repay the viewers he scammed as they might have lost way more than he did. Finally, he hinted at plans to pursue a career as a streamer in real life.


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