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Vegas Dealers Arrested for Allegedly Conspiring with Players

One of the two dealers attributed the alleged cheating to his sloppiness

Two baccarat dealers in Las Vegas are suspected of cheating and allowing players to win huge sums. As reported by 8 News Now, the two people are now facing charges for their alleged involvement in the scheme.

Documents show that Yuxuan Leng and an unnamed second dealer from the Rampart Casino at Summerlin might have been working in cahoots with two baccarat players. A representative contacted the Nevada Gaming Control Board in May 2022, informing the regulator about the situation.

According to the casino representative, two regular baccarat players had recently started to win noticeably more than they usually did. The suspicious casino staff checked the surveillance footage and found out that the dealers had been surreptitiously revealing the gaming cards to players before the game had ended.

According to official court documents, the two dealers flashed the cards to the players, allowing them to decide whether to raise their bets.

On six occasions, the dealers thus cheated, providing the players in question with the knowledge they needed to win. As a result, the two players won more than $5,000 each over the course of the six incidents.

The Two Dealers Were Arrested

Casino security workers later contacted the two baccarat players and interrogated them as part of the investigation. One of the two admitted to having an agreement with the dealers and confirmed that he took advantage of the knowledge of the cards they provided him.

The second player denied being involved with the scheme.

Similarly, the anonymous dealer denied showing the cards on purpose. He told investigators that he was a very fast dealer but was also rather sloppy. The dealer also declined having received any money from the players. Despite claiming no involvement, he was still arrested.

In the meantime, investigators were unable to speak with Leng. In the end, they issued a warrant for the dealer’s arrest. She was eventually arrested on November 2.

8 News Now concluded that Leng is set to return to court in December. The news outlet was unable to confirm the status of the other dealer.


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