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Scully Says UK White Paper to Require Hard Compromise

Participating in a recent discussion with the industry, the UK gambling minister, Paul Scully, called for finding the right balance in light of the review of the gambling act but said that "nobody is going to get everything they want."

The review of the Gambling Act in the UK, the law that regulates gambling activities in the country is ongoing. Despite setting several deadlines, the review is yet to be published and the government has still not set a solid date for the release. Participating in a recent meeting, the UK’s gambling minister, Paul Scully, revealed that the outcome of the review is unlikely to please everyone involved, a recent report reveals.

Finding the Right Balance Is Important

On Monday, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), the British Horse Racing Association, the House of Commons and other stakeholders held a reception that saw Scully, who spearheads gambling as well as racing at the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), participate, reveals the Racing Post. He explained that the review is unlikely to have a pleasing result for everyone in the industry.

Still, Scully said that the government will work toward finding the right balance and ensuring that betting and horseracing activities continue to benefit the operators and provide safe entertainment for the consumers. Moreover, the minister vowed to continue his collaboration with the gambling sector and said that he will keep his door open for further discussion.

As I say, nobody is going to get everything they want but I will try my very best to make sure we get that balance absolutely right to make sure that horseracing and the betting sector can thrive for many, many years to come.

Paul Scully, gambling minister in the UK

Further Gambling Legislative Changes Are Possible

According to Scully, it is significantly important to find the right balance especially when it comes to affordability checks. He acknowledged that the rate of problem gambling is low, but warned that gambling harm has a massive impact on people, their families and loved ones.

The UK gambling minister explained that the “white paper is a moment in time, it’s not a silver bullet that everything is done.” He added that even after the review is published, there may be consultations. What’s more, Scully did not rule out further legislative changes to ensure the well-being of people affected by gambling harm.

Despite being launched two years ago, the review of the Gambling Act is yet to be published. Ultimately, the government in the UK launched the review to make the regulation more suitable to the growing online gambling industry and help prevent gambling harm.


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