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Yggdrasil Expands in German Market with Jokerstar

Yggdrasil, one of the world’s leading iGaming content developers, has teamed up with Jokerstar, a local operator in the licensed market.

Thanks to this link-up, the two companies will be able to deliver more of Yggdrasil’s cutting-edge products to the local German market, benefiting both entities. On the one hand, Yggdrasil is keen to maintain a fast pace of development in the country whereas Jokerstar wants to add more fresh content.

Jokerstar Gets a Content Boost in German Regulated Market

Yggdrasil will as a result deliver a number of its titles along with YG Masters program products for a boosted overall performance in the market. Among the solutions now available are Yggdrasil’s Game Engagement Mechanics, which are designed in such a way as to give players and participants maximum satisfaction.

Jokerstar is an important local ally as it is the Internet alter ego of King Automaten GmbH, a company that has been around since 1954, and is such a prominent local player that will help the supplier gain further prominence in the market.

Jokerstar got underway in September so it’s a fairly new entrance in the market and is seeking to quickly grow its local footprint. Yggdrasil CCO Andrew Pegler said that the supplier was thrilled to be launching its products with the German market and bringing its content to more local players. He noted:

Jokerstar has been a leading entertainment company for years in the retail sector in the country and we are excited to contribute to their online expansion.

Yggdrasil CCO Andrew Pegler

Jokerstar project manager and business development Nico Muller were similarly happy with the opportunity to team up. For the operator, it was important to continue working with well-established suppliers as Jokerstar is only beginning to gather steam in the market.

Muller hailed Yggdrasil as a trusted and reliable partner and one that brings a range of mechanics, features, and themes to make the experience truly worthwhile for the operator and more importantly – its players. All of this, Muller said, will help elevate Jokerstar’s status as a leader in the German iGaming market.


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