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UK Gambling Minister Offers No Clarity on Upcoming White Paper

UK minister for gambling Paul Scully spoke at the annual GambleAware conference and yet again promised the Gambling Act Review will be published within weeks. However, he did not disclose any specific details leaving the stakeholders in the sector uncertain about what to expect.

Scully Focused Mainly on Gambling Harm

Paul Scully is the third UK minister for gambling this year following a turbulent change of prime ministers in the UK. After numerous delays, hopefully, Scully will finally be the one who delivers the long-awaited white paper on gambling.

The Gambling Act Review was the main focus of Scully’s speech at the GambleAware conference, which is attended by major industry players and an array of charity organizations fighting the effects of gambling harm. 

However, if anyone expected any specific details about what the white paper will include, none were delivered by Scully.

As this was a GambleAware conference, Scully mostly talked about the importance of a safer gambling environment. 

Scully highlighted the work of GambleAware in providing the necessary treatment to people suffering from gambling harm and their initiative in collaboration with the NHS on establishing 15 specialist treatment centers. 

Scully also talked generally that the goal of the white paper is for gambling regulation to be adapted to the digital age and for protections to be put in place to safeguard individuals that are most vulnerable.

Yet he did not disclose any specific plans or programs that the government is going to introduce to achieve those goals.

Scully Shied Away from Pressing Problems

Scully hardly touched upon the pressing issue of gambling advertising which has been a sore point for the long-awaited white paper. 

Various voices have been raised asking for a full ban or strict restrictions on gambling advertising. Soccer clubs united in various campaigns such as the yellow laces initiative, which calls for a stop to gambling sponsorship and ads in soccer.

Mothers of gambling addicts sent a letter to prime minister Rishi Sunak to urge for a “Gambling Kills” tag on all advertising.

In his speech, Scully only briefly mentioned that the UK government is reviewing Australia’s recent introduction of compulsory taglines in gambling advertising. However, he said that politicians are looking for a solution that best fits the UK. 

This means that they may or may not use a similar approach to Australia, leaving industry stakeholders clueless as to what is going to happen next.

Generally, Scully’s speech at the GambleAware conference was vague and he did not make any suggestions as to what specific solutions the UK government is considering.


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