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Scientific Games Shows Backing for HB 1218 and iLottery at Maryland House

As the state debates the merits of an online lottery, Scientific Games has been among the parties to testify before Maryland House

The company was represented by its SVP of public policy and government affairs, Christine Wechsler, who testified before the House and made Scientific Games arguments in favor of House Bill 1218, the current legislative attempt to introduce iLottery to the state, known.

iLottery in Focus in Maryland House

Essentially, the Maryland Lottery would receive a significant windfall, galvanizing players into using new forms of lottery games, and bolstering sales through online channels. The lottery has been doing well in the state, but it has failed to keep pace with modernization and practices that are already common.

The Maryland Lottery, Wechsler acknowledged, already brought in $714 million in profits, but for this number to continue on an upward trajectory, the lottery would need to adapt and consider featuring other sales options. Wechsler also sought to address some of the most contentious issues that crop up when the topic of online lottery is broached.

For one, iLottery doesn’t crimp on brick-and-mortar retail assets and, if anything, it helps sustain or even boost them, precisely because there are iLottery products available. This is based on the company’s own experience and observations of 12 markets in the United States alone.

Although online lottery platforms make the sale of tickets more ubiquitous, they also come with a range of important additions, such as player protections that advertise and enforce responsible play.

“The Maryland Lottery is like all other businesses selling products to consumers – it must modernize to meet changing consumer demand,” Wechsler said, noting that the business would benefit immensely from adapting to the new technologies that are now available.

“Providing convenient and relevant experiences to consumers online and at retail will be critical to enable the Lottery’s sustainability and maximize revenue potential for the state,” she explained.

Retail Growth Uppermost on Scientific Games’ Mind

The Scientific Games representative further reminded that iLottery is meant to be a new channel and opportunity for businesses and consumers and that it was not designed to serve as a vertical that seeks to replace or even emulate online casino games of chance.

She reminded that Scientific Games is a 27-year partner to the Maryland Lottery and fully committed to seeing the business thrive and consumers – protected, saying that the company has been unflinching in its commitment to helping retail business grow at a strong pace.


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