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City in China Gives Away Free Lottery Tickets to Newlyweds

Giving away free scratch-off lottery tickets, Xi'an, a city in northwest China, seeks to boost marital and birth rates

Amid a growing number of demographic challenges in China, including declining birth rates and an aging population, a new initiative seeks to encourage newly-wed couples while giving them a chance for good fortune. The first-of-its-kind initiative in the country was initiated in Xi’an, a city located in northwest China and involves granting free scratch-off lottery tickets to recently married couples.

According to local news outlets, city authorities have dedicated some 700,000 yuan ($97,000) for this interesting initiative. After its recent launch, the initiative is expected to run through November 30, 2024. During that period, couples who have entered into a marriage can present their marriage certificate and receive free scratch-off lottery tickets.

This symbolic gesture wishes the couples good fortune and is expected to encourage more people to get married and have children. The approach is a part of China’s wider efforts to increase birthrates and marriages, addressing challenges observed in recent years. At the same time, by taking lottery tickets for free, couples are granted a chance to win a big fortune that may help them in the future.

Impact of the Incentive Is Yet to Be Assessed

Addressing the declining marriage rates, initiatives such as the one in Xi’an may play an important role in the promotion of demographic growth. Still, the effect of the free scratch-off tickets for newly-wed couples is yet to be analyzed and determined. It also remains unclear whether other cities in China may consider a similar approach, based on the outcome of the campaign led by Xi’an.

Undoubtedly, the method is something that has never been seen before, especially in China where gambling is strictly prohibited. The country doesn’t permit casinos, poker, slots or online gambling. Yet, under the laws in China, lotteries are not considered a gambling activity, which is why they are the only legal form of gambling-like entertainment.

Despite the fight of the country against illegal gambling, iGaming websites, applications, as well as illegal lotteries and betting rings, such activities are not uncommon. The sole place in China where visitors can engage in gambling activity legally is Macau, a special administrative region of China. Visitors of Macau aged 21 or older can engage in a range of legal gambling activities.


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