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Finland Sees Uptick in Problem Gambling Numbers

The Nordic nation has seen an increase in the level of problem gambling according to a new study conducted by the Institute for Health and Welfare

THL, as the organization is known for its Finnish acronym, estimates that 4.2% of respondents to its survey are at risk of developing a gambling problem, or already suffer from one.

Finland Sees Increase in Problem Gambling

In other words, 150,000 people in the country may fall in this category, but the figure is doubly important as it indicates an increase from a previously conducted survey by the THL, which found out that the percentage of the population falling in this category was 3%.

Men were far more likely to grapple with problem gambling, though, with 6.6% of the male population experiencing an issue and the number only 1.8% of women. Apart from the gender disbalance in addiction levels, the overall numbers are too steep, especially now that the market is planning on transitioning towards a license model, and to break away with the state monopoly held by Veikkaus.

On the flip side, there has been an overall trend towards a contraction in the number of people who gamble in Finland in General. In 2019 that number was 78% of the population, with the most recent survey indicating that only 70% of the population participate in any kind of gambling.

The THL also shared some of the details and product features that the organization believe leads to higher addiction levels. For one, the pace of play can have a major impact on addiction, along with the frequency of rewards.

As Gambling Shrinks, Problems Increase

Veikkaus in the meantime is reducing its land-based operations, shrinking its physical footprint, as it prepares for a new phase of regulated gambling in the country. All the same, the company has been strengthening its safeguards with new verification requirements introduced in January.

As a whole, the Finnish gambling market has remained alert to the pitfalls of the hobby, with Finnish players having a fairly high awareness of responsible gambling and the dangers that the activity courts. Yet, THL’s figures stand, calling for active measures against the increase in gambling-related harm.


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