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China’s Skin Gambling Websites Outsmart Stringent Regulations

Recent research explored the functioning of three prominent Chinese skin gambling enterprises to comprehend their ability to flourish despite legal constraints

To circumvent stringent online gambling laws in China, a new breed of gambling websites has emerged, utilizing strategic disguises to evade regulatory scrutiny. 

The Rise of Skin Gambling in China’s Online Wagering Landscape

These gambling platforms, collectively known as “skin gambling” websites, have found innovative ways to operate within the confines of the law while continuing to offer lucrative betting opportunities to users.

Skin gambling, a form of online gambling that utilizes virtual “skins” as currency, has proliferated in China despite strict regulations against online betting. These virtual skins, originally introduced as customizable items for video game characters, have gained significant monetary value and are now being used as tokens for gambling on various online platforms.

While the Chinese government has been making efforts to deal with online gambling, particularly cash gambling websites, skin gambling platforms have largely flown under the radar.

Nonetheless, recent reports suggest that Chinese authorities are ramping up efforts to crack down on skin gambling websites, recognizing the challenges posed by these platforms in enforcing online gambling laws. 

Despite the ongoing regulatory measures, however, the skin gambling industry persists, with operators adapting their strategies to stay ahead of enforcement actions. 

How Chinese Skin Gambling Sites Stay Under the Radar

A recent study conducted by Junqing Zhang at the Kyushu University School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, delved into the operations of three leading Chinese skin gambling companies—VPgame, Max+, and C5game—to understand how they have managed to thrive despite legal restrictions. The study revealed that these companies have adopted clever disguises to portray themselves as legitimate entities within the realms of esports, gaming forums, and virtual item trading markets.

VPgame, for instance, has positioned itself as an integral part of the booming esports industry in China. By offering a range of esports-related services alongside its skin gambling platform, VPgame has successfully evaded government scrutiny

Similarly, Max+ has masqueraded as a popular gaming forum, attracting users with its extensive discussions on gaming while covertly facilitating skin gambling activities.

C5game, on the other hand, has taken a different approach by operating as a virtual item trading market. By allowing users to buy and sell game skins under the guise of virtual asset trading, C5game has managed to avoid legal repercussions while still facilitating skin gambling through jackpot-style events.

Despite the success of these strategic disguises, the full extent of the skin gambling industry in China remains uncertain. Further research is needed to comprehensively understand the landscape of skin gambling websites and their operations within the country.


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