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Scientific Games Partners with AI Engine

Renowned gaming technology solutions provider Scientific Games Corporation has recently announced that it has inked a partnership deal with, a leading online gambling Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine provider. The goal of the partnership, according to Scientific Games’ executives, is to ensure that their clients have access to better and more personalized online gaming experiences. Some of the things that they will be focusing on going included tailored gambling experiences as well as personalized gaming recommendations.

Integrating AI into Existing Product Suites

Scientific Games already has very robust systems supporting the solutions that it provides to its customers. It will still be delivering gaming experiences through its revered OpenMarkert and OpenSport product suite both of which are used by a number of leading online gambling brands across the globe.

Thanks to the partnership with, Scientific Games will be able to leverage the power of AI for both its widely used product suites. The OpenMarket product will benefit from Vaix’s ability to provide the opportunity for the utilization of deep learning. This will be particularly useful for such things as acquisition, marketing, personalization, and even responsible gambling.

The OpenSports product, on the other hand, will be able to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost the sports betting offering services that Scientific Games provides its customers with.

“AI is pioneering new technological frontiers, and we’re thrilled to partner with to incorporate it into our sportsbook products. Players want a tailored experience, and with we can offer a more deeply personalized experience through our OpenSports products than ever before.”

Keith O’Loughlin, SVP Sportsbook, Digital for Scientific Games.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gambling

One of the growing challenges that operators have to deal with these days is the need to offer more personalized experiences to their customers. This is the ‘choice paradox’ which continues to grow at a rapid rate as the number of customers continues to increase. Artificial Intelligence addresses this issue quite effectively and it will not be surprising to see more gaming companies adopting the technology.

Improving customer experiences aside, there is currently a lot of focus on ways of reducing gambling-related hard. Gambling is more accessible than ever and keeping track of the growing numbers of gamblers can be quite a challenge. AI will certainly play a huge role in the reduction of cases of gambling-related harm since unlike human labor, it can work simultaneously for all players at all times.

All in all, it is quite clear that more companies should follow Scientific Games’ footsteps and invest in AI. There are a decent number of these solutions already available and thus it all comes down to choosing the appropriate one for a particular business.

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