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Saginaw County Player Wins $4M from a Scratch-off Ticket

According to official reports, the winning ticket was sold at one of the Fastlane Convenience Store properties in Saginaw

A lucky player from Saginaw County has struck gold, winning a whopping $4 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket. The fortunate player won the prize on Tuesday after purchasing a $4,000,000 Ultimate instant game ticket.

According to official reports, the winning ticket was sold at one of the Fastlane Convenience Store properties in Saginaw. However, The Michigan Lottery did not specify in which store exactly the ticket had been sold.

As of the time of this writing, the winner in question has yet to come forward to claim their prize.

For reference, the $4,000,000 Ultimate instant game offers players a shot at one of many prizes, with a top jackpot of $4 million, as the title suggests. The scratch-off game offers a total of $145 million worth of prizes, ranging from $30 to $4 million.

A $4,000,000 Ultimate ticket costs $30.

Other Michigan Players Win Big

The new millionaire is not the only recent Michigan Lottery winner, though. The lottery just handed a prize of $500,000 to a lucky Tuscola County woman.

The woman in question thought she had only won $1,000 at first before realizing she was eligible to claim a life-changing sum. The 68-year-old woman preferred to remain anonymous but confirmed that she would use some of the money to pay bills and make investments. She is also planning to buy new furniture and save the rest of the winnings.

A few days ago, another player from Michigan was left speechless after securing a whopping six-figure second chance prize. The winner in question won $100,000 from the 500X Money Maker second-chance game and said that she plans to invest it.

For context, non-winning 500X Money Maker tickets can be re-registered for another shot at exciting prizes.

A Wayne County player, meanwhile, recently won $6 million after buying his second lottery ticket for the year. Just like the second-chance winner, he was playing the 500X Money Maker game.

500X Money Maker was launched last year and has over $157 million in outstanding prizes. It has so far paid out more than $165 million in winnings.


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