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A Range of Prop Bets Available for Upcoming Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Popular online betting platform BetOnline offers nearly 50 different prop bets on an upcoming presidential debate

Political betting is a form of wagering that has seen an uptick in popularity over the last few years. Growing concurrently with sports betting, the activity is the choice of many bettors who also place wagers on sports events across the globe. Just like in sports, there is a range of prop bets that involve political events.

An upcoming debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump sees a wide range of prop bets. Those wagers are available through BetOnline.ag, a popular sportsbook that currently isn’t regulated in the United States. It’s important to note that currently, licensed sportsbooks across the country do not offer wagering on political events.

However, BetOnline.ag customers have a range of options for betting on the upcoming debate, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 27. The upcoming CNN debate marks an important milestone in the race for the Presidential election.

Notably, Biden is recognized as the underdog with +125 odds on BetOnline.ag for a winner in the upcoming debate. On the other hand, Trump is a betting favorite with -165 odds on the popular online betting platform.

Nearly 50 Prop Wagers Available on the Debate

Other popular prop bets on the upcoming debate include odds for who will mispronounce a politician’s name first, who will have a higher trending status on Twitter/X following the debate and whose wife will first be mentioned.

The “First candidate to drink from a water bottle” odds designate Trump as the underdog with +110 odds. The same prop bet recognizes Biden as the favorite with -150 odds.

The roles are reversed for a bet on who will be the first candidate to interrupt a moderator. Biden’s odds are +300 while Trump is recognized as the underdog with -500 odds.

Additionally, prop bets on the upcoming Presidential debate ask bettors who will be the first candidate to suggest the other is “on drugs” with Biden being the favorite with +300 odds and Trump’s odds being -500.

Further wagers include who will first finish drinking their water bottle, non-facts said by Trump or Biden and who will be the first candidate to tell the other one to “shut up.” Overall, there are nearly 50 different prop bets on the upcoming debate.


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