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Wayne County Resident Wins $6M from Michigan Lottery Instant Game

The multi-million jackpot win marked the second lottery ticket purchase for the lucky man this year

Some gamblers or lottery players may go through a lifetime without securing meaningful prizes. Others, tend to be luckier and don’t need to spend thousands to win big. This is exactly the case of one Wayne County, Michigan, resident who recently won $6 million after buying his second lottery ticket for the year.

The lucky 32-year-old man, who decided to remain anonymous, purchased a ticket for Michigan Lottery’s 500X Money Maker instant game. The purchase was made at the 7-Eleven on 37195 South Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township.

The popular instant game, 500X Money Maker, has so far paid more than $165 million since its launch in September last year. The cost per ticket is $50 and the popular instant game grants a chance for a prize between $75 and $6 million.

The Lottery’s popular game has more than $157 million in outstanding prizes. This includes one top prize of $6 million, as well as 16 prizes of $50,000 each and 280 prizes of $5,000 each, among other smaller prizes.

Suzanna Shkreli, the Michigan Lottery’s commissioner, congratulated the recent lucky winner and his wife on the massive $6 million win. “Creating life-changing moments for our players is incredibly exciting and I hope this prize has a positive impact on this player and his family for many years to come,” she added.

Congratulations to the lucky player and his wife on an incredible $6 million win.

Suzanna Shkreli, commissioner at the Michigan Lottery

Lucky Number 14

Recently, the lucky lottery player visited the Michigan Lottery to collect his win. The 32-year-old opted to receive a one-time lump cash sum rather than collect the full prize through annual installments. This granted him $4.1 million, which is undoubtedly a life-changing sum.

The man said that he played the lottery every once in a while. This time, luck was on his side, considering that the recent purchase was only the second lottery ticket he bought for the year.

When asked what he plans on doing with the money, the young man said that he intends to invest. Additionally, the lucky winner said that he wanted to start a business and help his family.

I went into the store to purchase a few things and saw the 500X Money Maker game, so I asked the clerk what the ticket number was on the next ticket. When she said 14, I told her I’d take it because 14 is my wife and I’s lucky number,

reveals the lucky 500X Money Maker winner

The lucky Wayne County man was asked about the day he purchased the winning ticket. He recalled visiting the 7-Eleven store for some groceries. At some point, he asked the clerk what was the number of the next ticket for the 500X Money Maker game.

The grocery store clerk told him that the next ticket number is 14. Surprisingly, the man said that this was his and his wife’s lucky number. The 32-year-old then proceeded with purchasing the ticket that brought him the hefty multi-million-dollar win.


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