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Michigan Woman Surprised by $500K Luxury Cashword Instant Game Win

After thinking that she won $1,000, a lucky Tuscola County woman was shocked to realize her actual win was $500,000

A woman from Tuscola County, Michigan, who thought she won $1,000 from an instant lottery game was pleasantly surprised that she had actually a much bigger sum. The big win comes after the lucky 68-year-old woman, who chose to remain anonymous, purchased a ticket for Michigan Lottery’s Luxury Cashword instant game.

She bought the winning ticket from Ben’s Fresh Market at 6233 Church Street in Cass City. The lucky player recently visited the Lottery headquarters to claim her $500,000 prize.

When asked what she planned to do with the money she had won, the 68-year-old woman said that she plans to invest and pay bills. The lottery winner also confirmed her anticipates buying new furniture and save the rest of the winnings.

Michigan Lottery’s Luxury Cashword instant game launched back in March 2023. Since then, players of the game have secured more than $34 million in prizes. The cost for one ticket is $10 and it grants players a chance to win a prize between $10 and $500,000.

Currently, there are $26 million in prizes outstanding from the popular lottery game. There’s one $500,000 top prize, 25 prizes of $1,000 each as well as lower tier prizes outstanding that are up for grabs by Luxury Cashword players.

A $1K Win Turns Out to Be $500K

Speaking about the recent win, the 68-year-old woman said that she has been into Cashword instant games for some years. The Tuscola County winner added that the Luxury Cashword was one of her favorite instant games.

When asked about the win, the woman said that once she finished scratching off the ticket, she was able to identify a total of nine words. This granted her a $1,000 prize.

I showed my husband and he said: ‘If only you had one more word, you would have won $500,000!’ The next day I looked the ticket over again, and that’s when I found the tenth word. I showed my husband, and we were both in shock,

reveals the recent Luxury Cashword winner

Although she was excited, she spoke to her husband who said that if she had one more word, the prize would be half a million dollars. Interestingly enough, the 68-year-old woman took another look at the ticket on the next day only to find out that it had an extra word which granted her one of the grand prizes from the instant lottery game.

She then went on to visit the Michigan Lottery to ensure that she had indeed won the grand prize from the popular lottery game. Finally, the 68-year-old said that the win came as a “relief,” adding that she still has difficulty in believing that she actually won $500,000.


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