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Sacramento Capital Casino Attacker Convicted of Robbery, Murder

The man who attempted to rob the Capital Casino and wounded fatally a security guard in the process was convicted for first degree murder and robbery

A man, suspected of a robbery and murder of a casino employee in Sacramento, California, was recently convicted. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office revealed Tuesday that the defendant, identified with the initials D.C., was found guilty of first-degree murder and robbery, related to a crime at Capitol Casino dating back to last year.

The defendant was convicted by a jury on Tuesday with the “allegation of personal use of a firearm causing death and the special circumstance of murder during the commission of robbery found true,” prosecutors revealed. Moreover, the 38-year-old was convicted of second-degree robbery with the allegation of personal use of a firearm, the intentional discharge of a firearm along with “aggravating factors.”

It’s important to note that the conviction isn’t the same as a sentence. A verdict by a jury or a judge can result in conviction whereas a sentence is usually ordered by a judge. In other words, the conviction means that a person was found guilty of a crime or has agreed to plead guilty to a crime after a trial.

Considering the defendant’s conviction, he may face a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. According to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, the sentencing of the defendant is scheduled for January 12, 2024, before the Honorable Allen Sumner.

Attempted Robbery Results in the Death of a Casino Security Guard

The latest conviction against D.C. comes after a crime that occurred on August 22, 2022. At the time, the person tried to rob the Capitol Casino. Upon entering, the culprit was caught by a casino guard on duty with the initials S.B. Once the security guard caught the perpetrator, he walked him out of the casino property while holding him at a taser point.

Once the two were outside of the casino, D.C. drew up a firearm and ran back inside the venue. The robber made his way to one of the casino cash cages and pointed his gun at another casino employee. At that time, the security guard was able to catch up to the criminal and tried to tase him.

The reaction of the robber was instant as he shot the guard in the neck. The wound was fatal and resulted in the death of the casino security guard. The robber then took some $38,000 from the casino cash cage and left the venue.

An employee of the casino chased the culprit and saw him try to hide in a car parked nearby. Once law enforcement arrived, the criminal shot in the direction of the casino employee and tried to run away from the police on foot. Shortly after, he was arrested.


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