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PayPlan Joins Forces with GambleAware to Combat Stigma around Problem Gambling

The organization has thrown its weight behind GambleAware’s recent campaign aimed at encouraging open conversations about gambling harm

GambleAware’s newest initiative seeks to dismantle the prevailing stigma around problem gambling by urging individuals affected to break their silence and speak openly about their struggles. PayPlan’s support will significantly bolster the leading charity’s efforts, raising awareness and lending its knowledge on problem gambling.

Stigma Can Harm Addiction Recovery

GambleAware’s research highlighted the societal perception of gambling harm, indicating that three in five individuals tend to judge people struggling with gambling issues. The charity’s recent findings revealed that a staggering 64% of adults who encountered gambling-related problems have never discussed their challenges. 39%– a significant proportion- attributed this silence to the pervasive stigma surrounding gambling harm.

PayPlan’s independent research into problem gambling confirms these issues, uncovering that 30% of its clients felt gambling negatively impacted their mental health. However, GambleAware’s data contains some positive takeaways, as 76% of those who did open up about their gambling issues reported feeling better after discussing their concerns with someone.

Tackling the pervasive stigma surrounding problem gambling is one of GambleAware’s primary goals. The charity held a similar campaign in April, featuring TV host Tyler West, health professionals, and lived experience individuals. Encouragingly, the latest data shows a promising 56% who agree on the importance of challenging the stigma associated with gambling harm.

Collaboration Remains Instrumental to Success

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, expressed delight in partnering with PayPlan for this campaign, envisioning collaborative efforts to encourage individuals affected by gambling harm to share their experiences and feel secure when doing so. She emphasized the complex and concealed nature of gambling harm, making it challenging to detect when someone might need help.

It is critical that when accessing financial services… people feel they can talk openly about the issues they may be experiencing and are made aware of the support services available.

Zoë Osmond, GambleAware CEO 

Charity GamCare, part of the National Gambling Support Network, highlighted the correlation between harmful gambling and financial debt, lauding PayPlan’s contribution to combating this issue. PayPlan vulnerability lead Emma Gibbons drew attention to the organization’s tailored pathways into debt advice. She also emphasized the need for public awareness and partnerships within the financial services sector to discuss gambling-related issues.

It’s important that we increase conversations around gambling harm and make sure that people have a better perception of those experiencing gamble-related debt.

Emma Gibbons, PayPlan vulnerability lead

The collaboration between PayPlan and GambleAware is a testament to their commitment to creating a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to discuss gambling harm without fear of judgment and seek assistance to overcome such challenges. However, their efforts must also coincide with concerted government efforts to combat the root cause of such issues and encourage meaningful change.

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