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New GambleAware Data Maps Detail Harm in the UK

The maps were produced by PoliMapper and align with GambleAware’s localized approach

GambleAware, the United Kingdom’s leading gambling harm prevention and treatment charity, has published new gambling harm data maps. Detailing the level of gambling harms in Britain at local authority and parliamentary constituency level, the maps also highlight the usage of support and treatment.

According to GambleAware, its new maps were produced by PoliMapper. The charity said that they allow readers to see which areas of the country are experiencing more severe gambling harm problems. In addition, the maps show where there is more demand for gambling harm treatment and support services.

The maps visualize data from the Problem Gambling Severity Index, which highlights the levels of harm across Great Britain. As a result, the maps clearly communicate how many people are experiencing harm and which regions are more affected by gambling harm.

GambleAware Has a Localized Approach to Tackling Harm

The new maps reflect GambleAware’s approach to tackling gambling harm on a regional level. The charity believes that each community must have its own support communities, allowing locals seeking help to feel at ease.

This strategy is also reflected in the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN), which GambleAware operates. For reference, the NGSN operates within local communities and sees providers work with third and public sector organizations to deliver a localized person-centric approach for people who have been harmed by gambling.

In the meantime, GambleAware continues to increase its campaign activity across the United Kingdom. The charity currently seeks collaboration with local authorities to identify what people in different regions need and to make sure that they get access to the right treatment and support.

This localized approach sets GambleAware apart, highlighting its commitment to providing relief to harmed players. The charity urged harmed people or the loved ones of people harmed by gambling to seek GambleAware’s help.

GambleAware Continues to Protect the UK Market

Two months ago, GambleAware opened applications for a system stabilization fund. The charity explained that a part of the money would be used to stabilize the system of gambling harm prevention, support and treatment and help organizations across England, Scotland and Wales by providing them with monetary aid.

This followed the UKGC’s decision to create the aforementioned fund, committing £32.8 million to the charity. The fund seeks to provide organizations with the backing they need until the statutory levy discussed in the white paper has been properly implemented.


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