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GambleAware to Open Applications for System Stabilization Fund

GambleAware will accept applications for the first funding round between August 7 and 21

In the wake of the UKGC’s decision to allocate regulatory settlement funding to GambleAware, the charity called for applications for a system stabilization fund. As coordinated with Britain’s regulator, GambleAware will use a portion of the money to stabilize the system of gambling harm prevention, support and treatment.

The goal of the funding is to help gambling harm treatment organizations across England, Scotland and Wales with monetary aid. The decision comes following the disruption of these charities funding streams by the decision to introduce a statutory levy, as outlined in the recently-published white paper.

In order to benefit from the funding, gambling harm prevention organizations will need to prove that they meet one or more of five conditions. Eligible organizations are those that increase awareness of gambling harm, those that prevent it among individuals and communities, those that prevent its escalation, those that provide appropriate services to high-risk individuals and communities and those that seek to reduce the lasting effects of harm.

In addition to fulfilling one of these conditions, organizations will also be required to demonstrate evidence of need, showcase their delivery model and approach, demonstrate potential outcomes and impact, highlight value for money and prove the sustainability of their operations.

GambleAware and the UKGC Seek to Support Charities in a Time of Uncertainty

The funding is a short-term measure that seeks to provide support to charities until March 31, 2024. GambleAware will accept the first applications between August 7 and August 21. The charity explained that applicants will learn if they have been approved in mid-September this year. The second funding round is expected to open on November 6 and close on November 20.

GambleAware also noted that this funding is strictly for the continuation of existing projects. In addition, the funding is not intended to replace the existing voluntary construct but rather to provide charities with funding during a time of financial instability.

GambleAware’s CEO, Zoë Osmond, said:

Our role as strategic commissioner across the sector means we are able to apply a single overview of the system. With this oversight, we and the Gambling Commission, recognize the uncertainty across the sector, and the need to ensure current projects can continue without any risk of experiencing a funding shortfall.

Zoë Osmond, CEO, GambleAware

Osmond explained that GambleAware welcomes the statutory levy plans described in the white paper and hopes that the measure will be implemented in a timely manner. Until then, however, gambling harm research, prevention and treatment organizations may need extra funding to continue their important job.


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