November 8, 2023 3 min read


Three Vietnamese Men in Tacoma, Washington Overpower Robbers

A viral video shared online shows three Vietnamese men gambling before being interrupted by armed robbers

A group of friends gambling in a garage were able to successfully fight off two armed robbers that abruptly interrupted them, a new viral video released on Instagram reveals. Released earlier this week, the viral video claims that the incident took place at a private home on Alaska Street in Tacoma, Washington.

While gambling in a garage, a group of three Vietnamese men is interrupted by two armed thugs with hoodies. The men aggressively enter the garage that is left with an open door, with one of the thugs shouting “Freeze,” and waving a long-barreled rifle in the air.

The surprising attack shocked the three men, but that did not stop them from getting back at their attackers. When the thugs approached the gamblers one of them shouted “What the f**k, man?” After that, the robbers told the three men to give everything they have, including money, phones and keys.

The robbers shouted at the three men, telling them to hurry up and give their possessions. “Give everything! Hurry up,” says one of the robbers and hits the table in front of the three Vietnamese men which had some money on it, cards and cups, likely with alcoholic beverages.

Then, one of the robbers hits one of the unarmed men. In a split second, all three Vietnamese men jumped up and attacked the robbers without any fear of the gun they saw moments earlier. In the brawl, the men go off camera but can be seen dropping to the ground and throwing fists just outside of the garage.

Two of the Attackers Were Reportedly Arrested

In a video showing the aftermath of the attempted robbery, the three men are clearing up the mess from the entrance of the garage that was the result of the brawl. One of the men is seen holding an assault rifle, likely the one that belonged to one of the robbers. After placing the items inside the garage, the men proceeded to shut the door.

One user online suggested that they are related to two of the Vietnamese men who were attacked. The online user claimed that the two robbers were accompanied by two other individuals who waited in a getaway car. In the commotion, the user said, the people in the car hit a vehicle belonging to one of the victims. After that, all of the attackers fled the scene.

According to the online user, two of the men involved in the attempted robbery were already detained. Still, the released videos did not show the presence of police officers neither sirens can be heard.

For just a few days, the videos accumulated thousands of views and an avalanche of comments. One online user joked around writing “Vietnamese don’t play,” while another one claimed that the booze the trio had been enjoying helped them overcome the fear of the armed robbers.


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