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Ten Detained after Casino Chips Theft at Genting Highlands

A theft of $1 million in casino chips after a break-in at Genting Highlands resulted in the arrest of 10 individuals allegedly involved in the crime

Nearly a dozen people, allegedly involved in a theft of casino chips at one of Genting Malaysia’s casinos, were arrested recently. The robbery occurred at Genting Highlands, a premium entertainment and gaming property operated by the leading gaming company. Approximately MYR4.6 million, a sum close to $1 million, in the form of chips, was stolen from the casino.

Local media reports confirmed that the robbery dates back to late October. At the time, casino security uncovered that one of the rooms where casino chips were held was broken into. On October 28, 2023, police were notified by Genting Highlands for the break-in.

Upon investigating, police identified multiple suspects, allegedly involved in the theft. As a result, multiple raids were conducted and 10 people were arrested. It is yet to be determined how they were involved in the theft and what role each of the alleged culprits had in the theft.

Investigation into the Crime Continues

Bentong OCPD Supt Zaiham Mohd Kahar, who was recently cited by The Star, confirmed that management of the casino reported the incident on October 28. He said that some RM4,607,800 in casino chips were stolen after a break-in in one of the venue’s rooms that contained chips.

Mohd Kahar explained that an investigation is still ongoing, and he refrained from disclosing additional details. Still, he did not rule out that the theft might be the result of an inside job.

I can’t divulge much as it could jeopardize our investigation but I can say that several suspects have been identified.

Bentong OCPD Supt Zaiham Mohd Kahar

Recently, nearly 2,000 individuals were arrested in a massive operation against illegal gambling in Malaysia. The elaborate and coordinated operation resulted in the arrest of 1,871 people, believed to be involved in illegal lottery and online gambling activities across the country.

Law enforcement conducted nationwide raids that took place between September 22 and October 5, 2023. Just short of 1,600 of the individuals arrested were men, while there were also more than 300 women. The age of the arrested people varied between 20 and 60 years old. While some are already facing charges in court, investigations against others continue.


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