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Las Vegas: Sex Worker Beats and Robs Elderly Disabled Man

A 26-year-old was arrested over her alleged involvement in the incident that took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas late last month

Robberies are not uncommon in places like Las Vegas, where a large number of people are gathered, and many have hefty lump sums of cash for gambling or winnings. This is precisely why gambling operators continue to invest in their security and strive to improve their protocols, ensuring the protection of their guests. Now, a new report uncovers details regarding an incident that involved a robbery and assault on an elderly person who visited Caesars Palace in Las Vegas recently.

The incident dates back to late last month when a man in his 60s who was disabled engaged with a sex worker while visiting the popular casino hotel. Police were contacted on October 27 and responded to a call for a robbery at Caesars Palace. According to a report released by KLAS, a 26-year-old sex worker identified with the initials N.W. was arrested earlier this month over her alleged involvement in the incident. The young woman was detained on November 1 outside her apartment located in Henderson, a city located nearly 20 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas.

Allegedly, N.W. hit the old man and then robbed him. She is currently facing charges of robbery, residential burglary and attempted murder, the latest report reveals citing police records. At a hearing on November 2, the suspect was left in jail with her bail set at $75,000 by Judge Rebecca Saxe. It is yet to be determined what penalty N.W. may face in light of her recent charges.

The young woman was reportedly charged in 2021 with attempted murder and domestic battery in a separate incident. Earlier this year, back in October, the 26-year-old was reportedly charged with soliciting or engaging in prostitution.

The Victim Was Hit and His Money Was Stolen

Police records reveal details regarding the incident at Caesars Palace. Back in late October, a security guard was dispatched to the old man’s room. Upon entering the room, the security guard found the old man on the floor while the room was covered in blood. The disabled man suffered from injuries to his face, his eyes were swollen shut and claimed he was missing some $6,000.

Reportedly, the victim met the 26-year-old sex worker in the early hours of October 27. At the time, she allegedly agreed to provide her services in exchange for $500. The disabled man in his 60s agreed with the offer and went up to his room together with the young woman. The victim claimed he had given the woman the money but after some time she asked for the money again. This is when the 26-year-old allegedly got “argumentative” with the victim, demanding to receive the money again. Shortly after, the culprit allegedly hit the victim, leaving him on the floor and taking his money before fleeing the casino hotel with a taxi.

Police investigation uncovered footage of N.W. who was seen entering the victim’s room and leaving about an hour later. She then rushed into a cab where she vomited and seemed “panicked.” Allegedly, the young woman told the taxi driver “You never game here, this didn’t happen,” before handing out an extra fare.


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